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Eternal Baseism Quote of the Day 5/19/22: "There once was a child named Yohan who had miraculous eyes that could percieve the senses beyond humanity, so within the dream sleep he saw the Face of Yeeogngm and woke up knowing everything, past, present, future. The burden of knowledge suffocated the young boy, as he graduated at the age of 9 from the top 10 universities in the world, with a thousand doctorates in all fields. And he grew bored, knowing that he knew everything. Until one day, a vagabond approached the child and asked him a question. 'Can you solve this riddle? What being hugs with no arms, two arms, and infinite arms all at once?' The child laughed. 'This, is a joke.' 'The vagabond told, 'That is incorrect.' And the boy's smirk fell into a paralyzed frown. 'Me? Incorrect? You are crazy, vagrant.' The vagabond spoke. 'But you are. And you will always be, if you cannot solve such a simple riddle.' He left, the boy stood there for an eternity, unable to solve the riddle."
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