Zombie Brothers vs Kisame and Deidara


Hidan and Kakuzu vs Kisame and Deidara
No restrictions
Deidara is in character
Kisame is blood lusted
Kisame and Deidara have knowledge of the zombies' abilities
The zombie brothers only know that Deidara is a bomb specialist and Kisame is extremely strong, has a chaka-draining sword, has massive chakra and is a suiton user
Kisame’s Suiton: Suikōdan no Jutsu will probably be used in the primary stages of this match, thus effectively changing the terrain in Kisame’s favor. This could in turn potentially negate some of the elemental combinations that Kakazu uses. The ability to actually kill Hidan may be in the hands of Deidara considering it is the way he was defeated previously. Though I wonder if the Samehada could be used to a greater effect. The real challenge here is defeating Kakazu, not Hidan (though he could pose of problem if he Kisame gets in too close). His five hearts are something I do not believe either Deidara nor Kisame has the means to pierce, especially the “Iron Skin”.

Drowning him may prove to be sufficient, which I remember from on of Violent By Designs matches. This is something that could be used in conjunction with Deidara’s techniques. Or Kisame could act as a blockade and allow Deidara to prepare the C4 Gurada. It's Kisame and Deidara having too many options in this match to loose here really.
This one isn't even close. C4 micro-bombs would finish both Hidan and Kakuzu (all hearts at once) in a short amount of time. Kisame doesn't even have to do anything.
Deidara and Kisame would win. Just have Deidara deliver huge amounts of micro c4 bombs like Denji said and Kakuzu and his hearts are done, as well as Hidan getting blown to bits.
Kisame and Deidra would reck them like this Kisame makes a mini sea drowns Kakuzu and uses 4 or 5(forget) man eating sharks to distract him whil Diedra blows up hidan then they both kill Kakuzu with ease since it would be 2 Biju livel ninja vs 1.
Deidara and Kisame, despite how difficult it is to kill Kakuzu, have an advantage here. They are granted knowledge of their opponents, and are a strong combination with the ability to attack from both the surface (Kisame using suiton jutsu) and the air (Deidara using the C2 dragon). The fight will be close as Deidara really needs to be in the air, and Hidan and Kakuzu will put Kisame under tremendous pressure, but Deidara's support should be sufficient for a while.

Those two should be able to find some way to put C4 Garuda into action, as they will know that it is of the utmost importance in defeating Kakuzu. They might have a good way of pulling it off, actually: Kisame can probably breathe water, and the Garuda explosives likely do not cross the surface of the air. Kisame can probably set up himself up to be safe without making it too obvious. There's a significant chance that Kakuzu won't know what's happening to use fūton: atsugai.
Hidan is just... not up there with the rest of Akatsuki. He's effective and all, but once they know his ability, he's useless. And all of Akatsuki knows he's a one trick pony.
deidara and kisame have no teamwork what so ever

zombie >
The general assumption is that they'll work together to the best of their ability, but they obviously won't be as fine-tuned as the Sannin or, indeed, their opponents. It's not the only factor though, and Kisame and Deidara synergise reasonably well: don't underestimate them.
Kakuzu is the most underreated Akatsuki member of all. Kakuzu and Hidan also have the best teamwork of all the Akatuski tandems and I think that creates a big advantage here.

The fact is, kakuzu himself has elemental advantage over Kisame and Deidara, cuz he um has EVERY element at his disposal....not only that but he can combine them at will. Therefore Deidara's bombs including C4 are negated.

Deidara wont be able to attack from longrange, so it will be up to Kisame. Kisame has a shit ton of chakra, but Kakuzu after doing a shit load of elemental combos didnt seem to be running on empty so I gotta think that he will be able to more than hold his own. While Kisame is trying to defend himself from kakzuzu's relentless attacks, Kisame is done in by Hidan, or at the very least gets cut a lil bit.

Kakuzu and Hidan win. mostly Kakuzu but a lil assist from Hidan
I used to underestimate Kakuzu a bit, but I had an "appreciation day" for him a while ago and now really see what he can do. I don't, however, think he's above Kisame, and Deidara ranges from below Kakuzu to above him in different circumstances (that's just Deidara for you).

In the Battledome Kakuzu only really has what he's shown, and so he has no elemental advantages over suiton that matter. He can negate Deidara's explosives, but finding out that he can is another matter and might take too long (especially as Deidara and Kisame have been given all info on their enemies). Why won't Deidara be able to attack from long range? That's his whole focus as a fighter.

This'll be an elemental game, back and forth. Kakuzu's jutsu against Kisame's massive suiton. Kakuzu's katon is pointless, and bear in mind for a second here that each 'ghost' is a heart, and has its own chakra. The fire ghost's lot of chakra is almost meaningless against Kisame, and it'll just get worse as he puts more water down on the environment. Kakuzu's strongest attack in overall attack power was katon and fūton combined, but between Kisame's suiton and Deidara's C2 dragon I don't see it overpowering. Kakuzu needs to cover two directions, and Hidan can't push forward too easily when Kisame is counter-attacking with massive waves of momentum.

This is fairly close, thanks to Hidan and Kakuzu being hard to kill, but I don't think the advantage is theirs.
Kakuzu does have iron skin. He can tank each and every suiton thrown at him and C1/C2 won't even scratch him. He could beat Kisame and Deidara individually, but not when they're together.
sworder: yeah, Kakuzu is very hard to kill. Probably harder than Hidan if you consider that Hidan can be decapitated and apparently blown to pieces. Kakuzu's two vulnerabilities here are drowning and C4 Garuda – Garuda is more realistic. The thing is, even if his enemies struggle to finish him off, so long as they can keep the advantage they can wear him down to the point that he can be finished off.

And Kakuzu's threads meet their end against Kisame's Samehada. Kisame's one of the very few shinobi Kakuzu should be scared of being close for ninjutsu/taijutsu reasons (the other major one is Sasuke for chidori nagashi).
I don't think Kakuzu should try going long range mode on Kisame though, iron skin should at least put him up there with him in terms of strength. Maybe a few tentacles here and there if he gets a chance to grab him, but that's it.

But yeah, Kakuzu can't really do much against both of them.
I don't think Kakuzu should try going long range mode on Kisame though, iron skin should at least put him up there with him in terms of strength. Maybe a few tentacles here and there if he gets a chance to grab him, but that's it.
Kakuzu's "long range mode" is thread-focused, and I don't think threads are a good bet against Kisame at all. Samehada is the perfect weapon to counter with, and not only doesn't cost him chakra to use but replenishes his chakra. Kurogane karada (iron body) is a certainty for defensive properties at least though. Something makes me think that Kakuzu wouldn't get far trying to use physical force to attack Kisame with taijutsu ? wouldn't be completely useless, but I don't see him killing him that way.

Anyway, I'm seeing this being kept at a range. Kakuzu vs. Kisame in jutsu, Deidara bombing overhead, Hidan struggling through the momentum of suiton jutsu and probably not in a good place if he does get close.
"The fact is, kakuzu himself has elemental advantage over Kisame and Deidara, cuz he um has EVERY element at his disposal....not only that but he can combine them at will."

So did the old man that Kisame took for the tailed beast and he managed to deal with it there no reason why he cant deal with it again.

Deidara is just the man, hes dangerous and amazingly skilled. Dont forget he survived and won while fighting Gara in a Desert, where everything in sight was a weapon for Gara. He infiltrated the Sand, beat up their Kazekage, kidnapped him, nearly blew up the whole village which would have killed EVERYONE and then proceeded to escape from kakashi, sakura, naruto, chiyo, guy, neji, ten ten and lee with no arms...
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