Zoldyeck Family (hxh) vs. CP9 (op)


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Straight up fight, not assassination.

Takes place in the Scottish highlands

No Nen baptism

Nero is not included on the CP9 side

Zoldyeck servants are not included in this fight
Wow, good matchup. Silva and Zeno would have little trouble against the likes of Fukurou, Kumadori and Kalifa... but the stronger members like Lucci and Kaku will pose a threat. Though with Killua, Kalluto and Illumi in the Zoaldyeck ranks, then i feel that they will be the ones who come out on top.
Lucci is the real problem. A real huge problem in fact. He fights hard fast and smart. Its too bad his opponent is immortal....

A Full Circle Six King Bullet, with a tail grapple is a shit ton for even a Zoldyeck to dea with.
Killua, Illumi, Paper shim, and the old man and his killua's dad would be one hell of a team.

But there outnumbered and I think blueno can turn the tides with his devil fruit.

If he can take people with him that is.
It basically comes down to Silva and Zeno vs Lucci.

They were almost evenly matched with Kuro, something I don't think Lucci is.

So Zoldyeck for the win.
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