Your thoughts on Dave Chapelle- the racism connoisseur?


  • I think he?s mental- escaping to Africa without telling anyone isn?t normal behavior

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  • Who gives a shit, he makes me laugh

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  • Dave who?

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  • I don't get his jokes.

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I think he?s ridiculously talented, and the funniest man alive. If you?ve lived in a box these last few years and don?t know who he is, listen to this.

You should probably watch that if you?re bored and want a laugh, anyway.
Im Rick James, Bitch!

He's cool and he made me laugh from time to time. Kinda lol'd when he dissapeared so suddenly and went to South Africa.
Dave is the best comedian of this age, I think he even holds the record for the longest stand up done (correct me if I'm wrong). I like his stand ups better than his skits also, the Chappelle's show had its moments but those stand ups were hilarious.
He's alright. His style and humour appeals to the general masses, but he's not someone I'd talk highly about as a comedian. Do you notice the way he looks after he gives out a joke?

Amusing how he'd mimick the crustacean mob boss of The Little Mermaid in the video.
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