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Your favorite of these shinigami


  • Izuru Kira

  • Ikkaku

  • Yumichika

  • Omaeda

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Captain Quincy

Death Blade
I like Izuru the most. Wabisuke is simple but cool to me and his personality is super edgy and I love it. His ideology in his FKT fight was very interesting for me, I wish his character had gotten more focus throughout the story.


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I will give props to Omeada tho. His heart does come through when it’s needed. Also ain’t Yumichika a 3rd seat?


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Tough one.
Yumichika is the funniest
Ikkaku's generally good
Omaeda's the most endearing and he deserves a better captain

Only Izuru sucks.


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Ikkaku has most importance but I like Yumichika the most. His character shows a lot with very little especially when you think a bit deeper. Yumichika says in Arrancar Invasion how the 11th company just fights to death and doesn't jump in each others battles but he himself isn't like that and shows a lot of compassion when push comes to shove.

Adamant soul

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Well Ikkaku is the only one of them that I actually like, best Division 11 character by far, not that that's saying anything.

Yumichika and Omaeda are pure shit and Izuru's just meh.


Yumichika is a fun character with one of the most creative shikai abilities in Bleach. His bankai should be really special if we ever see it. Runner up would be Kira, but that's mostly because of his zanpakuto. Not a big fan of his personality.
My favorites , Ikkaku then Yumichika........gap.....Izuru....smaller gap....Omaeda.
11 division members always give me the Zaraki spirit which makes me like them subconsciously.


The Darkness Rises
Yeah, it's definitely Ikkaku. He's the most interesting, explored, fun to watch, easy to like, etc. He's just a pretty solidly written character who sort of remained low-key prominent throughout all of Bleach. Looking back, I feel like he should've went Bankai (+ Yumichika's true Shikai) against the Quincy.
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