Your **Dream Team** for the Forest of Death


The second part of this exam is a test to survive in harsh conditions and collect 3 of the same scrolls. If you could form your own 3 person team from the genins that participated in the forest of death who would they be. Oh and you CANT pick Orochimaru and Kabuto!, coz technically they werent really genins.

My dream team would be
1. Gaara - My number 1 superstar. He would be my priority pick as he totally raped the exam. I think his other team mates did literally nothing. Desert Funeral is GOOD GAME to any genin.
2. Neji - ability to see 359 degrees and excellent scout for traps etc. Though traps would be quite harmless to Gaara.
3. Shikamaru (team leader) - he is the planner. shadow bind + desert funeral combination is game over hehe.

Estimated exam completion time with this team - 59 mins 15 seconds
I was thinking of picking gaara but would he actually work well with others?

lee- if he wanted to(well if it was under the right circumstances) he could the gates.

neji- obviously a force to be reckoned with at that time plus he is pretty smart/

naruto- for the fact that in dire predicaments he could go nine tails.

maybe not as good as yours but atleast its different,
blazingshadow said:
dosu for combat and cool factor
shino for searching and trap making
sasuke for uber pwnage and cheapness

I was thinking of picking Sasuke. But then Oro would come after him in the exam, and will totally destroy my team =(
DrDragan90 said:
Kiba (he can find better than Neji :D)
Shikamaru (IQ 200+.. Duhh)
Gaara (Sand Monster, Pwns everyone)

Kiba / Neji / Shino / Hinata

I reckon all 4 of them are pretty good scouts

insects would be pretty darn good
the forest of death is absolute chockers full of them
was thinking of picking Sasuke. But then Oro would come after him in the exam, and will totally destroy my team
oh so we are talking about the forest of death arc? i thought that this was about making a team to pass the forest of death exam with genins and without oro interference

ok then


they could take on oro (sasuke alone was able to win the battle with some help of naruto encouragement) and temari is really good for the sex
gaara - neji - shino

gaara for defence and destroying anything in close range, shino for killing in long range, neji for navigation and alerts.

If you have a gropu that really works, Why trying to make another?

If Not:

Kiba is fast and know the way, i Think he could make a shorter way (his savage appereance make me think he is good in the wilderness), Gaara is our triumph card, powerful, and Chibi, so Kiba can lift him all the way so he only have to fight, finally Kin..., well Read Pink Ninja and Blazingshadow, she also have her little heart you know.
I've seen a topic similar to this one on some other boards..
Well here's my answer:
~Sasuke -->He has the Sharingan,and that would definitely come in handy in some situations *plus he's strong*
~Shikamaru -->the brains. I said it all.
-Gaara does have the ultimate defense doesn't he?
-Naruto ---> Kyuubi=pwnage.
Hm ok well if we could pick only two I would go for gaara and shikamaru. The third team member would be me. ^_^ Gaara has the ultimate defense plus he can just kill anyone to get another scroll. If we do manage to gbet caught in some situation, Shikamaru to the rescue!
Shino(i bet this man have cool skillz esypecially in the forest)
Temari(emotional.She is one of my best)
Kiba(for traps and others)
Naruto: You got KN power + Unpredictability + Diversions + Endurance, this guy wont go down easily.

Gaara: You got Sand power + Killer Instict + Long Range attacks + Most powerful jutsus + Durability, another guy none is willing to mess with.

Neji: Originally this position is reserved for Haku in my dream team, but for this mission I am gonna go with Neji to fit the requirements. You got Long range view + Guidence (knowledge of the forest) + Jyuken taijutsu + Strong defense + Above average speed, completes what the other two powerhouses lack.
So many people here are so cliche, any thread involving making a team of genin and they'll use either Neji, Naruto, Gaara, Shikamaru, or Sasuke regardless of the situation, even one that's more involved with document gathering than actual fighting.

My Dream team would be one that is perfectly suited for the FoD mission.

Oboro - Can distract opponents with genjutsu, is good at hiding, and isn't too shabby in close combat(he took on Sasuke for a bit)
Shino - He can track by sound and is intelligent, good at hiding, and has bugs which he could potentially use to steal scrolls. He's not too bad in close combat(more confident than Kankuro at least)
Dosu - Good with traps, intelligent, and can even determine what someone is writing by sound. Can disable opponents by sound in close combat.

Hiding, planning, tracking, and retrieving, they've got the best skills for it.
Kiba - He's got Akamaru, Akamaru's got a good nose! You do the math.

Neji - Self Explanatory.

... ...Temari? - Needed a third person, and she's no pushover.
Temari - She's strong

Sasuke - He has Sharingan

Shikamaru - He is smart, planner in my team.:amuse
Hm well...
Kiba because he's got the nose and he's pretty smart when it comes to hunting things xD
Gaara- Because Kiba isn't stupid enough to mess with him and Gaara will own everything in his path.
Neji-Because then he can see the scroll, Akamaru will get it before Gaara crushes the other guy with the scoll xD
Shino [leader] [super smart and powerful]

Lee [Powerful] [fast, and hardworking]

Hinata [full strength, talanted]
To keep it in tradition of the Naruto manga having a female in every team,

Shino- Intelligence, Cunning, Strong, and has some scouting ability
Gaara- He likes his silent teammates so they don't interrupt, but he can handle plans...we know about his power
Temari- fast, can repell attacks, intelligent, and has some forest destroying power
Sakura/tunade... mmmmm ohh man... keeping warm while getting sleep while hiding from ninjas that tried to kill u and u had to ditch ur warm clothing/sleep wear... mmmmm like.. IT STARTS RAINING!!! and ur FREEZING!?!?!! omg... naked cuddle to keep warm... and trustme... it would elivate... much higher... narsaku/sakura/tsunade sex no jutsu.
would definatl get saskue so he can use his curse seal then get gaara and unleash the shukaku and naruto to go nintails totoal PWNAGe and if saskue has no curse seal rock lee with gates
as for me, i ll choose:
sasuke: he got sharingan n strengh plus i like him...xp
temari: she's smart and kinda matured..
shikamaru: he's smart....
thats a good question
for me it would be

1 sasuke
2 neji
3 naruto

sasuke because he would be able to make good plans and he's a good fighter and can analise situations well, neji because he is crafty and because he would be good for about any situation. And naruto for brute force =)
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