You only get to pick one. What's the most OP jutsu in the series?

Aegon Targaryen

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The Byakugan is a joke.

@Ultrafragor And that's a fact :ufdup

Seriously, I (like you) would prefer if the Hyuga and Byakugan were better developed, but I just feel their whole aesthetic is meh. The Byakugan just lacks the badass factor of the Sharingan.

Draco Bolton

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Perfect defense (uncouscious defense), perfect attack (long-distance and able to absorb/neg you in cqc. Kamui absorption ignore durability, solidity since. It can even absorb TSB), high speed of absorption, pocket dimension (where weapons, living beings (ect) can be stored) teleportation, ability to travel between dimensions, PS with Kamui weapons, ability to come back from purgatory...

A jutsu which is versatile, powerful, fast and hax at the same time.

Kamui ("Kami" literally meaning God) deserves it's name

Base Hug,
What about Base Spank :hm

Knowing that Base The Mann can also sometime have a stern love


Creation of all things and it isn’t even close. It’s literally as @WorldsStrongest said, REALITY WARPING. It’s quite frankly ridiculous and it’s true power is basically unquantifiable. But from what we know, it’s absolutely insane.

Second would be kamui though.
mugen tsukiyomi
no other move has as high a success rate as this one in the series.
any other answer is quite frankly fan propaganda.


I think Kamui and Edo Tensei ended up being the most consequential techniques in the series. Look at how long it took to counter Kamui.


O.Y.D. Chris Styles
Kamui still reigns Supreme IMO. Renders speed and strength superiority null if you go on the defensive and your practically helpless against it offensively unless you have the jutsu or your own spacetime to attempt to maneuverer around.

Arles Celes

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Most invincible jutsu? MT as it solod the whole world and cannot be resisted even by perfect jins.

Most effective via the number of defeated high level enemies? Rasengan.

Most humiliating? Talk no jutsu.
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