Yondaime vs. Itachi

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I've seached the forums, but couldn't find a similar thread.

Wouldn't it be awesome seeing these legends fight each other? Who do you think will survive?
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They both are very powerful, but I'm afraid we have not seen enough from Yondy to know what would happen.
Yeah, but we do know that he's basically Konohas all-time hero. The mystery surrounding him surpasses Itachis. But does that mean that he's stronger than Itachi?

I can't wait to find out more about these two. They are purely kickass mofos.
Well id say itachi takes this fight hands down. Hes far better at genjutsu, taijutsu, and as far as sealing techniques yondaime has a technique that takes his life in exchange to seal, Itachi with the sword of
can seal the person in a genjutsu thats dreamlike for eternity or so the legend says, the ultimate counter to orochimarus sword of kusanagi.
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