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Yamamoto vs Jugram

Who wins?

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So am I, lol.
@Captain Quincy clearly doesn't want the medallion so mentioning it is arguing in bad faith on my part. That said, fuck em'. It'll teach you guys to start making better and more defined OPs :superhiro
Are you 12 years old or something?? Crying about people leaving out the medallion… Tbis is the second time you’ve gotten in your feelings over the medallion being excluded from a matchup…


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Are you 12 years old or something?? Crying about people leaving out the medallion… Tbis is the second time you’ve gotten in your feelings over the medallion being excluded from a matchup…
It ain't that serious. Seek help and start charging people rooming in your head. Nobody deserves to live rent free in this climate
Base Jugram (no balance , just sword and shield) vs Shikai Yamamoto would be an excellent and equal fight in my opinion and whoever ends up victorious would require high diff to do so....

Now with Balance , I think Shikai Yamamoto gets destroyed.

Bankai Yamamoto vs Jugram with Balance. Should be victory for Yama 9/10. Cause Jugram can withstand with his Blut Vene the passive heat of 15 million degrees. But he definitely will get severely damaged if he gets hit by North or East. The skeletons can also immobilize him due to their overwhelming numbers. And Jugram sword will end up like Royd sword if he attempts to hit Yama due to West.

Now with Almighty. Jugram is still inferior to Almigthy Yhwach. So how strong he is compare to Bankai Yama tier characters is subjective.

Yamamoto used North on Royd and he was still alive for a good minute. If Yamamoto landed North the same way on Jugram, what's stopping "The Balance" from redirecting that shit?

Yes. But you Bankai Yamamoto can strike Jugram with North in the head. That way he ain't coming back , wouldn't he ?


Still don't have the fucking words...
Jugram is too broken with his Balance, im thinking that shit is supposed to be even nore broken than we seen. I think we saw just part of it, kinda like where Lille said his power penetrates all, and then turnt out he had more.

Everything slightly good that happens to the enemy this dude can rebalance back with the worst stipulations ever. See what he did with Cang Du, the man took a swing, Cang blocked with his purpose made Schrift, and that shit was called good luck and next thing he had his body cleaved in two to "balance his good fortune".

Even what we saw against Uryu alone can do wonders, the man could allow himself to be burnt by Yama's West by undoing his Blut or taking a hit at him, and next thing Yama knows is that he's burnt to shit while Jugram is fully healed back. We saw barely anything from him, he explained his power against Uryu but we know for a fact he had more.


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I thought you guys were talking about some dark side of the web type shit.

that’s just ethics and morality 101 in college


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I mean, he certainly could. It's more about aiming and timing, since it's not like Jugo can take any of his slashes without suffering damage.
You're right, Yamamoto definitely has enough power to os Jugram but I don't think he will find the good timing since Jugo is stronger and faster than Royd and it's not like Yama can try again, If he fails then he is dead.


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Huh? He was crying about that??? That’s a widely debated topic.
Nah he’s literally lying to you. He completely mocked and laughed at aborted babies and made the joke and I quote, “Well…. Too bad all those babies are going to keep getting aborted”. Guy is a complete scumbag.


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Here's a novel thought

Why don't you guys stop talking about abortion in the bleach subsection of narutoforums.

Thanks in advance
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