Would your parents disown you if you were a homosexual?


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and would you disown your child if you found out he/she is gay?

i wouldn't care if my kid is gay thats his life not mine:noworry . but if i was gay my parents would most likely disown me:zaru
I don't think they would :oh

But i am not, and gayness disgusts me :pek

I would freak out if my son was gay....
If my daughter was then i could live with that.
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they wouldn't disown me, as for my child i don't know what i would do, disowning them would be a good idea
would they disown me, not likely. Would I disown my daughter? never! I'd just have to revise sex ed a little.
Nope my parents wouldn't disown me and I wouldn't disown my child either. I might be a little upset because I would want grandchildren, but they would be my child so I'd love them no matter what
I doubt it. Everyone would probably look at me weird and make fun of me at first but everything would go back to normal eventually.

Even so, I'm still not ready to come out to them.
I don't know let me go ask..........................................

My dad said he would disown me :( My moms crying in her room thanks a lot op now I have to find another place to live and I'm not even gay
I'm not sure about my parents. They probably would disown me :sag

I wouldn't do that to my kids though.
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