Would Orihime leave Hueco Mundo?


I have this prediction that when Ichigo arrives in Hueco Mundo and then at Aizen's palace, Aizen will actually let Orihime leave with Ichigo on the condition that she wants to. And she will absolutely refuse... Then after talking, etc. Ichigo's force leaves Hueco Mundo emptyhanded. Of course this is just a wild guess with 0.01% of happening but I think it's consistent with what's been happening:

1. I agree with all the other threads that if Ichigo's small force defeats Aizen's army then the manga would be lame. There wouldn't be an apocalyptic battle that disregards SS. Maybe Aizen sends some arrancar to test Ichigo's resolve but that's it.

2. It was Orihime's choice to go with Ulquiorra. It's a little different than with Rukia. Rukia saw her only potential rescuers being beaten to the ground and Ichigo was dying. Orihime could depend not only on the Earth forces but all of Soul Society as well, all of whom were in good shape. If she didn't trust them to pull through then I see no reason she would let Ichigo take her from Hueco Mundo.

3. It would be different from the rescue Rukia arc. Rukia said she didn't want to be rescued but deep down she didn't really want to die. Anyways 2 rescue arcs would be lame and I hope Kubo does something different. This scenario would also let the manga drag on.

4. Just my personal opinion, but I can see Aizen pulling something like this. Brainwashing Orihime and saying something to Ichigo's force to severely shake their trust in SS.

Yeah but I do think/hope that this is not another successful rescue arc and this will not be the final battle against Aizen.
my opinion is that ichigo's efforts would go to waste and aizen delivers her to them because she did her job and it was his intention to bring her back all along. if i were ichigo or urahara that would really piss me off

i believe aizen would do that just to prove he is the one calling the shots here

The only chance for AIZEN, the goddamn villain of this story, to give Orihime back to them, would be if he has some sinister plan behind this.
I actually think she wouldnt go back with them as well.

Im not exactly sure why she wouldnt, but I just dont see her coming back to the good guys so soon. Maybe she knows she has a good purpose there, or that she knows if she goes back with them, Aizen will just kill them anyways to get her back, so she decides its best to stay with Aizen, do whatever he wants as slow as possible to buy Ichigo and the rest as much time as they can to power up, and pray they can defeat every bad guy and save her later.

I dunno, maybe just a pipe dream, I just agree that another rescue arc that goes exactly the same as the rukia rescue arc, would be really dull and boring.
By making Ichigo and the others go to Hueco Mundo, Kubo is solving the problem he had with the hero-villain relationship. Just because Orihime was taken still only gave Ichigo a vague reason to hate Aizen. Ichigo only confronted Aizen once, and he was weak after the fight with Byakuya, and Aizen totally kicked his ass. Ichigo hated him on principle because of what he did to Rukia.

Without another direct conflict, Ichigo can still only really hate Aizen on principle, which makes for a very boring conflict.

But I don't know about Orihime. I never thought that she'd actually stay in Hueco Mundo. It makes sense though. Not only did she choose to go, but she only chose to go because Ulquiorra threatened to kill all her friends. And even if the shinigami have gone home, there's still Tatsuki, Chad, Uryuu, and Ichigo. If they died Orihime would still be traumatized.

Plus I can't shake the idea of Chibi-Usa and Black Lady somehow transferring over to Orihime...Particularly since Aizen's shikai is so amazing and he could so easily overpower her mind...
I've said it before, and I will continue to remain with the notion that Orihime can not accomplish anything by returning. In fact, returning from Hueco Mundo will only endanger the people she cares about.

Three people have no way of rescuing her from a countless army of powerful individuals.

Orihime won't want them to be hurt, so if she ever encounters them, she'll want them to leave.

Ulquiorra will kill them all if Orihime breaks any of the rules they agreed on.

Orihime knows she would just be captured again if she left.

It's obvious, then, that Orihime will not leave Hueco Mundo. She, personally, has so much to lose by doing so, and after that, she'll only be brought back to HM. IchiCo. will be hard pressed to find any means of sneaking her out, not to mention actually fighting their way in and out without getting themselves killed.

Impossible. I'm taking a huge risk in saying so, but Orihime will not return from Hueco Mundo in this attempt at rescuing her. Unless, of course, as was mentioned, it is part of Aizne's plot to allow her to.
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