Would Kisame come to help Itachi if he sense he was in danger???

No. Kisame knows better than to try to interfere in such a high level fight, it would be like a human trying to walk on the surface of the sun, he would just disentegrate from the win levels emitting from the brothers.
I belive Kisame don't give a shit about Itachi after all this guy didn't care about anyone not even his mon so why Kisame will help him?
He'd sense Itachi dying and then he'd look back down at raping Suigetsu. You know what he'd choose.
well i do believe that kisame and itachi are the best partners in akatsuki, this fight is very important for itachi, and probably knew this was his last fight, so no don think so, but i suppose if the situation were to be different he'd help him out.
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Isn't Kisame kinda...busy at the moment?

Although, I think Kisame would have tried to help Itachi out if Itachi didn't object to it. I've sort of gotten that vibe from him. The guy had nice things to say about Tobi of all people.
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