World War hulk vs Thanos.

Wasn't WWH all about the bloodlust? Like that was what made him that insanely strong, he'd never been that pissed/determined before.

Did the above posters not notice that this is "World of War Hulk," not "World War Hulk"?

Sounds to me, like it's a planet full of War Hulks versus Thanos.
^With all that Celestial tech, eh?

Nah, he means World War Hulk. I'm gonna pretend that WWH didn't beat Dr. Zom and say Thanos because that just makes some damn sense.
Thanos fought a 10x more powerful then normal thor who was also using the power gem....and didnt get owned,he would trash huc.
^^Wow Champion really fluxuates. He beats the Thing to a pulp yet loses to She-Hulk

Well, she did worked out though. It seems that the more stronger she is in normal human form, through exercise and combat practice, the stronger the She-Hulk form is. That's at least how her new level of strength at the time was explained. This is after he whooped her while using the power gem. He loses to her after that while not having the power gem.
Yeah Champion fluctuates too much. He has a billion years of fighting experience, power primordial and yada yada yet he gets punked around by people beneath him all the time.
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