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Wikipedia said:
punk rock group formed in Portland, Oregon in 1977 by guitarist Greg Sage, drummer Sam Henry and bassist Dave Koupal.

Is This Real?, The Wiper?s first album, was first released in 1980 and quietly gained a cult following. The Wipers became better known after the wildly popular grunge band Nirvana covered two songs from Is This Real?. Nirvana?s frontman, Kurt Cobain, spoke of being heavily influenced by the band. The Wipers were a major influence on the grunge music scene in general, and Wipers albums like Is This Real? and Over the Edge are now widely considered to be among the greatest and most influential punk albums of all time.

I really like this band. They have some really incredible albums, and are easy to get into, especially for all of you post-rockers out there. Albums you guys in the music department might like are the Youth Of America EP and Is This Real?

You can find more info on The Wipers at they're .
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Wipers rule, nuff said. I heard about them through Nirvana and anything I've heard by them has been really good. Sadly I only have one album (Land of the Lost) and a bunch of songs.
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