Will Naruto get rich?


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As some of you might know, financial author's rights are inheritable. If Jiraiya made a will, feeling that he might not come back, then he would give the rights to Icha Icha series to Naruto, since he has no children.
So Naruto would get rich. Wonder if Kishie thinks about such detail as wills.
Naruto is already rich. Remember the necklace :zaru

and btw Tsunade is already thinking about making him Hokage :jk

Of course Jiraiya left everything of his to Naruto unless he has a family, which I don't think so...

It reminds be of what happened to Sirius Black :(
What about daddy's left over cash! and add that with the j-mans book money and he could fill millions of these bad boys!!!

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Yeah Naruto has that necklace... but Naruto wouldn't care about money to much if he can eat free Ramen everyday, and when he becomes Hokage, that is exactly what it'll mean for him. smile-big
Well, I do think Naruto is quite well off financially. Afterall, he saved his mission money (until Jiraiya emptied it). Poor guy, Jiraiya never did reimburse him (with Naruto looking at the quite empty Gama-chan after asking Sakura out on a date). :hehee

But since Naruto is his relative, I'm sure Jiraiya's wealth would be given to Naruto. And probably left some to Tsunade as well.
Nah, Naruto probably will be rich, or by accident or something..but knowing Kishi he'll find a way.

And, hey, since when is Hokage most payed? Then Naruto would be rich already from his dad's inheritance..
if minato left naruto his money, naruto would have found out that he was his father remember only tsunade and jiraya knew about that
....oh yeah! sorry I meant after he finds out about daddyo!! then gama-chan would be a very happy frog!
Khem. Think about it from the law's point of view. You must be an adult to inherit. He has to be 20, then he will get to know that Minato left him something. Now he lives from a social helping for orphans, like Sasuke and the other orphans.

If there is no will or relative the goods are taken by the country's budget. Naruto is Jiraiyas relative? Where. Jiraiya doesn't have children or anything. And it's not really only about what he had on his bank account but also about the profits from future sellings. Huuuuuuge money,

One day he will be sending Anbu as S-rank missions to bring him ramen. All i know about the hokage-reamen future relation.

And he wouldn't sell the necklace even if it was for the last pack of ramen in the world. Or am I overestimating him?...
Hokage may not be the "most payed" person in the village but he gets payed alot speaking that he is ruler of kohona which means he should be the highest payed ninja there and man except for maybe someone who is the owner of a major cross country shipping network of some sort.
The Hokage isn't the most paid person in Konoha, because:
- the Uchihas and Hyuugas have bigger houses
- the Nara familly produces medicines, so probably richer
- Hokage does paperwork, not missions, which are well paid, they are quite stuck to the desk and do missions that only they can handle like Konoha being attacked or something like that, other than that, they have to be in Konoha for safety and well prosperity of the village, it cannot work with the Hokage out for holidays
- Tsunade works part time the Hokage, part time a medic
Given that, maybe even the Ichiraku has bigger income.

SO, if Kakashi does a S-rank misison every week he earns more than the Hokage burried in paperwork.

Though i am sure that they pay them well, not the richest, but well, so they dont resign to earn more as a juunin.
The Hokage doesent have to pay for anything,he just comes over and takes what he wants from your house *duh,and on top of that he is the highest PIMP of the village xD
:laugh that would be a pretty kool side plot especially since naruto likes money so much.

nah not anymore his grandpops raped him naruto must see cash as a normal thing now remember when he came back man he was'nt to fussed he had no cash cause of the j-man.

Naruto should get paid for the bounty on kakuzu's head no???

But as you can see j-man did a good job on taking his students money did you see minato's little shack fuck he was the best shinobi in konoha as well.

As people are saying hokage gets shit for free ramen,girls,you name it his whole house is the village he lives tax free you name it the good life.
And i forgot to mention that the Hokage can beat the crapp out of anyone that looks at him durty,and those who not respect him as the player that he is :zaru:

Naruto will get rich or die trying xD
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Thats what the numbers burned into that frog were for, the number to his bank account... lol

Fantastic! Well done!.........................everyone thinks its a secret power, or relates to key! however! its his bank details with a huge DEBT!!
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Lol, I wonder where did Naruto get that much money for buying a lot of stuffs, foods and paying the rent on his apartment:zaru
Lol, I wonder where did Naruto get that much money for buying a lot of stuffs, foods and paying the rent on his apartment:zaru

Because there are no orphanages in Konoha, orphans must be getting some social helping for food and clothes.

Yeah, these numbers are the PIN, and the key is to his uuuum what's that called, locket? in the bank! Maybe an unpublished, last volume of Icha Icha is there!

Gosh, Kakashi will go crazy without his book!
It reminds be of what happened to Sirius Black :(

Ha! I remember just after book 5 came out how so many people predicted that Sirius would leave the house to Dumbledore and some money to Lupin, ect... You know, basically have him leave all his stuff to various people to help improve as many lives as he could. I of course went on saying that it would be COMPLETELY out of character of Sirius. With the kind of guy he is he most certainly left EVERTHING to Harry. Lo and behold I was correct. Good times, good times.
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