will it be a 3-way battle in karakura?


1 + 2 + 3 = 1 * 2 * 3
between vizards, captains, and arrancars/ex captains/neo vizards?

i think so, or at least it should be

i want to see wonderwyss go nuts and take on like 5 enemies at same time
And The Vizard will not help anyone. They were so hazy to help Ichigo..and they are a bit shifty.
^ I would concur, Ichigo is someone the vaizard have a vested interest in, they don't care for Karakura overly much (or rather nothing suggests they do)
Grimmjow was making allot of noise just outside the place they were staying. Thats why Shinji attacked Grimmjow. Not to save Karakura or Ichigo.
They care about the future of the world, thought.

If their world is about to collapse due to aizen's plans, they must help, even if it wouldnt be a fun thing to do.

We don't know what their goal is. We do know, though, that they want things to change. How they want things to change is the problem.
i just think if the vizards help the captains then wtf can aizen gin and tousen possibly do to survive. its too many enemies for them
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