Why Kakashi's sharingan donation doesn't make sense



I keep seeing people saying If Sasuke looses an eye, Kakashi will give him the MS.

I don't see this happening, for simple reason that Kakashi never wanted Sasuke to get revenge. Kakashi is no retard. If he is looking to give something precious to his former student then he will be looking for some type of change. Change in Sasuke's character and change in Sasuke's goals. Now that's not where the real problem comes in even if Sasuke is willing to see the real light. The real problem comes in with Naruto. Naruto's character has always been about bringing people Darkness. He is trying to do the same thing to Sasuke. Now that role cannot be taken by Kakashi b.c it would kill the whole purpose of Naruto's character and the whole purpose of this manga. The change of bringing Sasuke from darkness has to be done by Naruto.

That is why I cannot see Kakashi giving his eye to Sasuke.
Very good point. But with the way Kishimoto loves Sasuke... if Sasuke did lose an eye, he would definitely find some way to get one back to him. I honestly have never wanted him to give up his eye...because i don't want Kakashi to die. And i would have to say if Kakashi did give his eye i don't necessarily think it takes away from Naruto's character... i think it would be the lead in to him and Sasuke teaming up to fight... like Naruto says "good you got your eye back, lets go get these bitches".

Naruto would do anything for Sasuke. So if Sasuke still wanted his revenge i think Naruto would just be like "lets kill him together". I don't think Naruto has a problem with Sasuke wanting revenge. But i don't want it to happen, so i hope you are right
I agree Kakashi wouldn't give his eye to Sasuke, but mainly because i don't see Sasuke loosing them.

And even if Sasuke does loose an eye, why would Kakashi give away the most presious thing he's got??? I don't see him giving away Obito's gift. He would only do so, if he was about to die as Obito, and probably Sakura would be the one to do the operation. Even if that is the case, i don't imagine Sasuke going to his former teacher, the one who he betrayed be leaving the village to ask for his eye.

So, if Kakashi did give his eye away, he wouldn't give it to Sasuke, it's more probable that he gives it to Naruto. Now, i know that you are thinking "you are crazy!!!" or "that would never happen!!!!" or "Are you F***ing mad?!?!" or something like that, and i totally agree with that (not with the f***ing mad one, but with the other two), so you know that i thing that the whole idea is crazy.

So.... Kakashi giving away his MS.... that's not going to happen.
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