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:huhweird....for that...

anyway whats it like that .....its like...example in the movies...naruto got Sasuke killed then the show was quite a bit boring without Sasuke as part of Naruto?

how bout sakura? if she died too, Naruto show is quite a bit boring right???

supper......so what do you think guys????

why is that? or how? or what will happen??

answer: maybe no one will watch Naruto because the main characters are not showing anymore in fact.........some ppl loves the character sasuke or sakura....
addition: if Naruto gets killed.....naruto show was completley over!! haha!

i'll just add guys.....

why?= Naruto"s main charcters are the members of Team 7 of course Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke. and the audience will "maybe" get mad if the main characters are gone.....
wel for me
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If Sasuke died the anime would be garbage...not that it isn't already garbage at the moment.
If Sakura died the manga would actually improve.

But leave Sasuke in it.
Because they are a team(were:p)and are the major caracthers in this manga..so if one of them died the manga for me would have no sense
Why is the show naruto is boring if sasuke of sakura died? Im guessing your learning english ;o? Well, those are the main characters. And sasuke is cooler than stupid naruto but NS is bound 2 happen so they keep naruto and sakura alive while sasuke dies!
Sakura is nothing to the story, her dying wouldn't have a big impact except on her fandom.
Sasuke on the other hand...
Sakura is nothing to the story, her dying wouldn't have a big impact except on her fandom.
Sasuke on the other hand...

Have to agree with this. Sakura is, IMO, a character who hasn't had much of an impact on the story line, purely plotwise. But Sasuke is responsible for a lot of conflict and a large part of the plot.
It depends on how they died and when they died. Like if one of the characters died at the end and their death was well done, then it might be quite interesting/touching.
"Naruto" isn't a story where the plot circulates around Naruto alone. Other characters get the spotlight at times and have an effect on the plot. Though Sakura's actions haven't had an impact, people have become accustomed to and admire both of their characters. So taking them away would be the equivalent to taking another chunk of the plot out of the story.
The series revolves around Team 7. So the series would just end there, maybe with a one or two chapter epilogue.

But if they absolutely had to die, I'd rather it be in each others arms. [Kissing would be adorable, but it's a shounen so...]
If Naruto died...there wouldn't be a series called "Naruto" anymore.
If Sakura died, we lose the entire shipping fandom as it's her decision that is keeping everything in balance. Also, it will be a heavy hit for the girls into Naruto.
If Sasuke died, Naruto will lose its central plot of trying to get him back (the point of the last X number arcs). Also, Sasuke fanboys, while a minority on THIS forum, is actually quite a big majority out there.
Sakura's alive because she's the only woman right now that's actually attractive. :notrust

Sasuke's death would equal so much hate mail for Kishimoto...
Cause Sakura is his future bitch, and Sasuke is his future secret lover, if they both died, it means Kishi lost his mind:zaru
The relationship between the members of Team 7 helped set the base for the entire series, so that has to remain a staple of the series.
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