Why didnt Kakashi/other Jounin Go?

Well, Im sure its just for plot, but i was wondering why kakashi/Gia or any other Jounin/Chunin we know go with the 20 teams. Or is it just that its suppose to be focused on Asuma and his team? Like its there time to shine. Anyways, was just wondering why they wouldn't send there strongest, assumed strongest, jounin aswell.
Kakashi is training Naruto (so is Yamato), not to mention he's probably still a little bit weak from the last time he used MS.

All the others we have yet to see with the 20 teams.
For starters, Kakashi and Yamato are training Naruto. They are excused. As for the others such as Gai, Kurenai, Genma etc. Tsunade probably had to balance how much power she can send out and how much power left to protect Konoha itself.
Don't worry. Kakashi will join in the action soon enough. Can't leave our favorite Jounin out of the action, now can we? :amuse
4th's Legacy said:
Tsunade probably had to balance how much power she can send out and how much power left to protect Konoha itself.

that.. and that maybe it was reason of what shinobi's can actually run a mission at the time being. remember kakashi just left the hospital after being badley injured from fighting akatsuki.. yamato and the rest of team 7 went thru that whole fiasco taking on orochimaru and everything. this could in a way be a break.. and it could juss simply mean too that gai's team is/was on a mission when this assignment occurred.
And.. so far they just have knew that the Konoha Temple was attacked, but exactly where and when they will strike is unknown. So they need to let jounins like Gai to stay inside Konoha.
i'm thinking jiraiya talked to tsunade before he took off, and told her what naruto is really capable of. this lead to omfg, if he gets this kind of training he will be able to take them on. from here we introduce yamato. he is the only one that can control the kyuubi's chakra. kakashi did that one month 1up on sasuke durring the chuunin exams, so they figuired no better person then him to give naruto a quick 1up.


(yamato purification+kyuubi+naruto)^1000+kakashi training=1up
1up naruto+yamato+kakashi>/=yondaime hokage
yondaime=more powerful then any akatsuki

its called planning. sacrifice a few to make their trump card(naruto), and secure the village. remember, this whole series is wrapped around sacrifice.
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