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Naruto Whos winning battle of speed Jiraiya or 4th Raikage

which one

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Base JMan dodged Konan's paper airplanes and she's at a minimum faster than Hidan from the latter's own admission, so Base JMan's speed is > Hidan's and probably comparable to IA Kakashi's

With an imperfect SM amp, I can see JMan's speed jumping to base Hebi Sasuke's or marginally lower; both were, with their Shunshin, taking Akatsuki members off-guard who later adapted successfully. Deidara is obviously a few notches higher in regard than Human Path, but yeah

You'd be better off restricting A4's RCM entirely for this to be any feasible discussion tbh; base A4 and SM JMan are probably comparable


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Feats and portrayal do rate Base Jiraiya as above Ten Tails Obito — and logically, we have to consider that Jiraiya at the very least hath to react to Obito, or else, he can't be portrayed as superior.
There's also the fact that Base Jiraiya could fight and overhelm Urashiki — substantially the same one who could literally surmount Adult Sasuke's reflexes — and thus we hold the fact that Jiraiya could react to his speed.

Therefore, we have that Jiraiya has to be physically fast — or else, he wouldn't be superior to 'em — and with that level of speed, I'm literally betting on Base Jiraiya blitzing Ei4 here.

Base Jiraiya unironically blitzes. However, if Jiraiya dothn't blitz before he's able to enter Sage Mode, he'll get blitzed neg-diffs.


Man of Miracles
The truly sad thing about this thread is that there are EASILY half a dozen regulars who think this is a debatable topic and that Jiraiya isnt far behind the Raikage in speed

Despite having 0 speed hype, emphasis, portrayal AND a lack of any consistent impressive feats or scaling even in SM


Since no one will give you a real answer. I will.

V1 Raikage was dodged by 3T FKS Sasuke. While 3T Precog is what allowed Sasuke to effectively counter Raikage; he still needed the speed to actually evade him, as concept Lee explains back in the Chunin Exams:

So 3T FKS Sasuke had to be relative to V1 Ei4.

A Weakened Orochimaru (even in a compromised position was able to react to and evade 3T CM1 Sasuke:

I’m sure FKS 3T Sasuke improved a bit in speed fork 3T Hebi, but did he improve enough to make himself significantly faster then he was with CM1 Amp, I really doubt this, but even if he did Orochimaru would be faster when healthy.

Jiriaya when handicapped himself scales relaitve to this handicapped Oro:

Logically Base Jiriaya would then scale relatively to Healthy Oro, this also needs to be the case since otherwise he would just loose in a blitz, and that would not fulfill their rivalry.

Given this we end up with Base Jiriaya / Base Healthy Oro > Handicapped Oro/Jiriaya =~ CM1 Sasuke

3T FKS Sasuke can only logically fall somewhere between at best equal to Healthy Sannin and at worse bellow CM1 Sasuke; so that means at best V1 Raikage and the Healthy Oro/J-man are equals; at worse the Healthy Sannin are above V1 Ei4.
Now for people doubting this I’ll provide more scaling that shows this is true. Edo Hiruzen, whose speed should <= Living Old Hiruzen, was able to react to and partially evade the expansion of TSB:

The expansion of TSB was fast enough to intercept Amaterasu:

Ei4 felt he needed V2 to react to and move before Amaterasu landed on him. This means TSB Expansion is significantly faster then V1 Ei4. Therefore Edo Hiruzen was able to partially react to something faster then V1 Ei4, it stands to reason he is >= V1 Ei4 in speed, and Edo Hiruzen is potentially nerfed from Old Hiruzen a bit in speed, who Base-Oro kept up with:

So this would again place the Base Healthy Sannin as >= V1 Ei4. And this is without even getting into Hiruzen scaling to Tobirama and JJ Obito directly or any of that edgier scaling, just talking TSB Expansion
There is yet another way we can arrive at this conclusion though which is through Konan. Base-Jiriaya kept up with the speed of Konan’s Paper:

This same paper outsped Obito’s Kamui warp:

The same Kamui warp that was fast enough to allow Obito to escape from Kakashi:

Now some people argue that Kakashi just choose not to attack Obito and let him warp away (this is fairly ridiculous as Kakashi was clearly intent on not allowing that to happen), but the issue is even going with reason; Kakashi doesn’t even mentally react to Obito warping away until his body has already warped away more then it has in the scene where Konan already mental reacts, raises her hand, and has her paper start to adhere to Obito.

So even in that interpretation Konan Mental and Physically reacts quicker then Kakashi can mentally react. So it’s clear Konan is above that Kakashi in speed. This is the same Kakashi who was shown relative to a stronger Sasuke then the one who fought Ei4 in speed:

People often say that Sasuke was injured but he was healed by Karin (same Karin that healed far greater injuries to Sasuke and basically full restored Tsunade and her seal):

So this would have Base Jiriaya =~ Konan > FKS Kakashi =~ Late FKS Sasuke >= Early FKS Sasuke =~ Ei4. Again we ended up with Base Jiriaya is likely over V1 Ei4, if not close to him.

So then moving onto SM Jiriaya vs V2 Ei4. Since Base Jiriaya >= V1 Ei; basically V2 has to be bigger amp then SM to speed for V2 Ei4 to be above SM Jiriaya; and an insanely massive one if someone were to claim V2 Ei4 is massively above Jiriaya. There is really no evidence that V2 is that far above V1. But for those who don’t like simply scaling off supposed increases of power ups, I’ll talk about feats.

The HG Realm and Human Realm were shown to be able to keep up in speed with SM Naruto. HG evades his Punch and both react to FRS (which should actually be faster then SM Naruto). So those 2 are at least relative to SM Naruto (when Shared Vision is out). SM Jiriaya was ether relative to both of these same paths or when Human Charged out alone he actually blitz’d him. So it’s safe to say SM Jiriaya is at least relative in speed to SM Naruto.

This same SM Naruto blitz’d Asura Path, who was shown faster twice Kakashi’s Raikiri:

So this means SM Naruto can blitz someone faster then Kakashi. Kakashi did not have time to improve from the Pain battle till FKS, as they leave pretty soon after Pain is defeated. So this means FKS Kakashi gets blitz’d by SM Naruto; and this is the same FKS Kakashi who was shown relative to FKS Sasuke, who as covers above is at least relative to V1 Ei4 (if not higher in the later stages of FKS). Which ultimately means SM Naruto can blitz V1 Ei4 speed fighters.

This isn’t all that crazy to believe ether as a SM Naruto clone was able to wait till the very last second to evade Ei3; and most scaling would have Ei3 above V1 Ei4 (but I won’t go into huge detail there as that’s a separate thread).

Anyway the common counter to this would be that Pain was weakened from using CST on the village when he faced Naruto; so he was actually significantly faster when he faced Kakashi.

However even if we took this approach it would mean SM Jiriaya took on a Full HG/Human Paths who are then much faster then Handicapped HG and Human SM Naruto faced. This would place SM Jiriaya as much faster then SM Naruto.

And Base Naruto is able to keep up with Base Sasuke at the Summit, so this would put SM Naruto over Summit Sasuke in speed. Now most people will argue Sasuke was weakened when Base Naruto kept up with him, but Sasuke had actually gotten another chakra amp from Evolving V3 to V4; so any weakness he got was offset by this, as he still was able to react to Kakashi, who he was relative to before.

So no matter what we would have SM Naruto > Base-Naruto =~ Late 3T FKS Sasuke >= Early FKS Sasuke =~ V1 Raikage

This would still end with SM Naruto being massively above V1 Raikage; and then putting SM Jiriaya even higher then that; so like I said SM Jiriaya would end up even further up the speed scale. (please note I don’t believe this later scaling is accurate as I have problems with scaling Pain to be weaker from CST and I believe it creates other inconsistencies, I’m just showing what it would look like if we scaled it that way to counter that argument; I more believe the former scaling I shared where Paths aren’t weakened in speed from CST).
simply put no matter how you approach the feats SM Jiriaya is way faster then V1 Ei4, which fits with the scaling off Base.
Now V2 is for sure significantly above V1, but I don’t think it’s indicated to be massively above, since while he is faster then 3T Sasuke, we still see Sasuke is able to mentally react to activate Enton and physically move his head at times; or hand to cover his eye. So it’s not like Ei4 is eons above him in V2.

This is all to say that SM Jiriaya and V2 Ei4 are both significantly above V1, but we don’t have a means to say one is far above that V2 and SM wouldn’t be at least close no matter which edges it out (unless you take the argument that Pain was weakened, if you do that SM Jiriaya is faster for sure lol).
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