Who's The Most Overrated Character in this group?

Most Overrated Character here?

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It's not as prevalent here but reading reddit and some other places you find that a lot of people are convinced that he's just going to body anyone he fights. There's dumbasses that think he'd just smash akainu or can solo multiple admirals etc.


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Zoro vs jinbei was swordless and luffy is actually as strong as those people.

But i wouldnt expect any less mental gymnastics from a legion member.

Also, we literally have a fanbase so crazy they have their own title, id say that character by default is the most overrated
There we have it folks.


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Not really sure what poor Sanji is doing here. :haha

Dude usually gets underrated like hell. I haven't seen any disgusting wanking of him unlike everyone else from the list.


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Zoro cuz people think he can beat Marco & Rayleigh cuz people actually believe he's stronger than Sengoku & Shiki when they are compared to his captain Roger.


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Mihawk isn’t a Zoro stan though and I’ve always been kind of upfront about being one even though I suggested putting Ryuma there. “Only” ones hating Luffy, aka Zoro Stan’s, make up a bigger fraction of the fan base then Luffy fans in this forum. Sorry more people like Zoro than Luffy here. :kanyeshrug

Luffy has always been overrated well before the G5 transformation when people were claiming he was top tier since he unlocked ACoC.

It always makes me chuckle when people generalise everyone who votes for a certain option in a public poll, as if it invalidates their opinions or arguments :kanyelul

I can say the same shit about certain unsavoury individuals and why they voted for what they voted, but honestly it doesn’t even matter anymore.

OT I find it weird how Rayleigh is considered overrated? Master of 3 forms of Haki who pretty much introduced the whole thing to us? Stalemated Kizaru at 76 years old? Highlighted as a legend alongside the likes of WB and Roger by Garp?

If anything, his prime has been insanely underrated in the last few months on this section. You have people placing the 5 year Twerker ahead of him these days, which is a new low on this section


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Rayleigh is not overrated.
We have clowns thinking the likes of Big Mom high diff him and that he is weaker than Oden
Fucking hell.


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Hot take: Yami Teach, and basically any version of Pre-Skip Teach is overrated asf.

He was presented to us as a pretty strong top commander level.

However, nothing indicates that he was on the same level as Marco at the time. His reflexes are shit; his reactions suck balls, and his speed is lackluster. Yeah he’s a tank with haxx and has an insane penchant for pain tolerance, plus he’s damn strong physically and hits hard, but his overall combat ability without his fruit was alright from what we saw.

He got molested by a WB with barely 5% of health left, and just by using his bisento mind you. He tanked one of his quakes (which is kinda his speciality), but was there ever any doubt that he would have been royally fucked if his crew didn’t intervene to save him?

MF Gura Teach was probably stronger than your average YC1, but he was still chicken shit compared to Admirals or Yonko. Yami Teach was 2nd Commander level, at best..

JK Teach was great.
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