Who's gonna help the Sauce?!

Hinata hime

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It?s time for everyone?s favorite game show:
Name that guy/girl-who-is-gonna-save-Sasuke

Here?s what I think. With Sasuke so close to death it doesn?t look like he can get himself out of this situation- so my question to you is who will save our young spiky haired Uchiha?

No answer is a dumb answer, no one is off limits- I ask you again to name that guy/girl-who-is-gonna-save-Sasuke?!
Kikai said:
Pein is not there, you know?
Pein is just a deciple of the God of all Uchiha madara.

There only three gods in naruto:
Sasuke - God lightining
Itachi - God of illusion and reality.
Madara - God of the Uchiha

Don't place the fail known as pain on the same plane as an Uchiha.
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