Who's death would you love to see and why?


I'd personally love to see Gai die. Why? I want to see Lee's reaction and maybe even catch some of that gated shit.

Lee: I will avenge you shensheiiiiiiii




lightning bolts shield Lee :pek ... prepare to die villains, Lee is now super saiyajin!

I want Naruto or someone besides Sasuke to kill Itachi. Sasuke would be SO pissed, it would be the funniest thing ever. Even funnier than

Orochimaru getting pwned in 2 pages by Itachi.
Imagine that.

Konohamaru was making a stroll through the forests, when all of a sudden he saw some pretty clouds. Now Konohamaru had a secret nobody knew, he had a cloud fetish, more than that he had a lightning fetish.

Attracted by, by his opinion, the coolest lightening bolt he had ever seen (a dragon, it was so cool) he hurried towards where he saw the pretty light, when suddenly, he saw both Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha having their own family reunion.

Both were on verge of unconsciousness, and Konohamaru had a stroke of genius. Using his fantastic camouflage skills (approved by Naruto-boss himself) he sneaked upon Itachi and stabbed him with his knife.

The last thing Konohamaru ever saw was a Sasuke vCS2 before he died of laughing.

Other than that I absolutely want Sasuke to die before the end of the manga.
master chief. though i must say, ima a big fanboy. it'd be a good twist, plus unexpecting. and a great end, to a great series.

Ps, i know halo 3 was the last game besides halo wars and chronicles.
Sasuke. Guess why.
Pein is kind of a given, but I want him to die... because he had a nasty life and now he's just taking it out on everyone else...

I wouldn't mind seeing Sakura die for the sake of the plot, but I don't want her to... I also wouldn't mind much if Kiba or Gai died for the plot...

I DON'T want Naruto, any of the Suna nin, Hinata, or Sai to die. To be honest... I get the horrid feeling that Sai is going to die... :(
I would like to see the death of Jizz/AkuOni/Pokeman/Pikachu/whoeveryouare. :zaru

Is he AkuOni too?:amazed.

Anyway, I want to see Sasuke die the most, not necessarily because I hate him, but because I believe that his will be the most dramatic. For example, sacrificing himself for Naruto, finally realizing how wrong he was.
I demand to see Orochimaru die, no one likes weird old perverts... "I want your body Sasuke" jeez, the man even switched into the body of a woman once. What a queer.
I will enjoy the Death of Naruto, because I want to see Sasuke's response to it.

Well I wont
ENJOY the death of Naruto..and I doubt that will ever happen.. but I really would like to see sasukes reaction on that two!!!

I wanna see Zetsu die.. I wonder if and how that will happen.. he is interesting.. and we haven't seen him fight yet
Naruto, Gaara, Itachi. Sorta want to see another couple of the original 15 genins bite it too, but I can't decide which ones. Maybe Gai and Lee both dying at once.
I would like to see the death of Jizz/AkuOni/Pokeman/Pikachu/whoeveryouare. :zaru

LOL... that is pretty harsh. you could just wish for them to be banned.

I want to see Madara die, because i think it will be funny to see him fail knowing it is for the 3rd time... it will be as bad as Oro in the last chapter
All Womens of Narutoverse....
Except Shizune,Tsunade and Kurenai :LOS

I'd like to see one of the old Team 7 to die Naruto or Sasuke
I would like to see Sasuke die.

And the reasons?

There are no reasons.

Who needs reasons when Sasuke's finally dead.

I want to see tenten die. i dont see how kishi's plot no jutsu allows for a great character like jiraiya to die but not a filler like tenten. he lost a lot of perverific adventures with jiraiya gone.
Kabuto, because he's annoying as hell. :p
And I dislike Sasuke, tough I don't want him
to die, he needs to get pwned tough.
Sakura. Despite her clever little healing abilities, she is still almost useless in a fight. She gets knocked out more often than Naruto says something stupid, and thats saying something.

If I had to jump universes, I would say Atoli from .//hack. She could die a 1000 deaths and I couldn't get her annoying/whining image out of my head properly.

Orochimaru - His pursuit to learn all the jutsus has failed. He gets pwned over and over again and yet he returns. Just die will ya !
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