Who would you be best friends with?


Ninja of the Underworld
Naruto has a lot of characters who are best friends (Ino/Sakura, Shikamaru/Chouji, Lee/Gai, etc.) so just for fun, which character would you get along best with? For me, it'd be Kakashi because we both have a love of dirty romance novels. Plus I really respect his loyalty to his friends and comrades, I'm loyal to my friends as well, so we'd be a good pair.
Well, I WOULD be best friends with Gaara, because we've kinda had the same past. But I know he'd probably kill me, so I'd have to say Naruto.
hmm, this is kind of tough. I guess Chouji (his sincerity and as long as I don't have to pay his food bills) or Kankuro (he just hits me as a funny guy) would be my best friends.
I'd be friends with Hinata
She needs confidence boost
Being outgoing and popular, I can be the right person to help her! ^__^
shikamaru- not as smart as him but equally lazy
naruto- come on gotta have some fun some time
though i would stalk neji
I think naruto...yap hesfunny likes to do funny things and in sometimes really annoying <.<
I'd be friends with Shino. Or try to be friends with him but he's probably too cool for me...

I'd lay around with Shikamaru all day.
enchantingmarshie18 said:
I'd be friends with Hinata
She needs confidence boost
Being outgoing and popular, I can be the right person to help her! ^__^

:laugh Somehow I'm picturing you singing the Popular song to her from 'Wicked'

Makeover!!! :nuts
Female friends: Temari, Shizune and Anko. [+ Tayuya and Yugito.]

Male friends: Mmmm.... Hanging out with both Kiba and Kankurou would be awesome. Then, Deidara, Jiraya (that would be so much fun :nuts, though I would not be participating in "data gathering", just watching Jiraya failing at it :laugh), Sai and Gai-sensei (but only from time to time). [I left out Kakashi because I would probably fangirl over him.]

And I would always see Gaara as a younger brother. The same with Rock Lee. They are adorable. :amuse

Oops, too many people. I should blame Kishimoto for this, yeah.
Fall in Love with: ITACHI!! but trying to not show alot of feeling -_-;

Male Friends: Naruto, Deidara, Iruka, Kiba, Lee and Kakashi.

Female Friends: Sakura, Tenten, Kuronai and Tsunade.

I'll try to get along with Itachi since he's soo hard to deal with.. you know
(Gemini male) oh brother~..but i like him! am a gemini Female! XD
Kankurou, Shikamaru, and Ino are very similar to a lot of my friends, personality-wise, though I've got a few like Tenten and Sakura.
Naruto :) And I would try to be friends with Sasuke..
And Sakura.. well because she's also a girl alright.
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