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Who would be Franky's BMP fight as of now?


Well-Known Member
Daifuku/Oven level or a lower member?


Will he ever reach Cracker level? (Shogun vs Biscuit armor?)

What you guys think?


Active Member
Probably snack. He's surpassed the vet level or is at it and needs to fight a yc4.

Right now the fights would probably be

Luffy - Big Mom
Katakuri - Zoro
Smoothie - Yamato
Stresuen - Sanji (assuming stresuen is around yc2)
Cracker - Jinbe
Snack - Franky
Perospero - Brooke
Compote - Robin
Oven - Nami (I imagine she'd make a rain field or something)
Daifuku - Chopper
Brulee - Usopp

Just a rough guess though.


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Snack if he has the Shogun back. But I think his BB opponent will be YC3 level once he gets his next upgrade.


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Why would Franky fight a BM officer? Most of BM pirates already show their hands, no point of showing them again. Even in Wano, only BM gets to show off because there is no need for characters like Daifuku to present in the raid.


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Assuming no Yamato or other allies

Luffy vs bm
Zoro vs kata
Sanji vs peros
Jimbei vs smoothie
Franky vs cracker

But Franky would need an enma level powerup to win
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