Who is the most beautiful girl in Naruto's age group? (Temari included!)

Who's the most beautiful?

  • Sakura

    Votes: 31 28.4%
  • Hinata

    Votes: 33 30.3%
  • Ino

    Votes: 24 22.0%
  • Tenten

    Votes: 5 4.6%
  • Temari

    Votes: 16 14.7%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Veni, vidi, VICI!!!
Note: Read first before voting.

Because of many complaints about Temari not being in my previous "Who's the most beautiful?" poll yesterday, I decide to remake it, and now I've included Temari! Temari fans rejoice!smile-big

Please do not vote someone just because they lack support. Please be honest in voting who you think is most beautiful.:nod

Oh, and I meant Tenten and not Tentem. It's just a typographical error. Please forgive it!

Thank you for participating

*Note: I am NOT A TEMARI FAN. Temari smiles like a guy:notrust. But still she's beautiful. (I voted for Hinata.:love)
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...There's a "guy" way to smile? :huh

Anywho and otherwhen, Ino is sexy in a picture-perfect, Barbie Doll, hot kind of way, while Sakura and Hinata are the most "beautiful" over-all, imo. I'm too torn between the two to vote. :D:
I voted Sakura, because she has better fashion sense than Ino. I think she stands out more than the other kunoichi, as well. Temari would be my second vote though, because I love her outfits. :D
Ino is the most classically beautiful to me, but due to her feisty personality, wonderful body, and lovely face I will vote for Temari.
i mean, ino is ..wooooo. but i liked her part 1 outfit better to be honest.


well... it would have been hinata. if temari wasn't there.

AlistairOfKonoha said:
It's not a way to smile. I meant her smile is like a guy's. You know, like this-:tem.

I know which one you're talking about, but what's the difference between a guy way to smile and a smile that's like a guy's? o.o I didn't know only boys could smile like :tem.

I still think Sakura and Hinata are the most attractive, anywho. :zaru Sakura's pink hair, green eyes, slim body, and fiesty personality are the perfect alternative to Hinata's dark hair, pale complexion, and volumptuous figure. :D
Ino! :yell

Really, the combination of pale skin, sky blue eyes, and long blonde hair does it for me. She has an excellent figure as well, and her personality has improved tenfold in Shippuden. :amuse

And this is coming from a girl. :lmao
Ino and Temari....both of the blondes. LOL.

I'm a blonde girl myself. I have to support the other blonde girls. :zaru
I voted TenTen because she doesn't have any votes. :cry But she is quite pretty; simplicity is good too.
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