Who is protecting Soul Society?


Having all remaining captains in the mortal world, who's protecting Soul Society?

Rest of shinigami's are? below captain class?
They're merely ants compared to if aizen sends an espada over there.

it doesn't matter, Aizen has no interest in attacking Soul Society until after he gets the King's Key. And it doesn't take that long to travel from Human World to Soul Society.
Ikkaku is there. I suppose he can hold off 1 espada at least. :p

Captain Yamamoto has always displayed a strange way to deal with crisis, i.e. deploying people to the wrong place for the wrong cause, but eventually, he manages to get things done right. :laugh
They've got Captain level Ikkaku, along with Yumichika, Hinamori, Kira, Hisagi, and Nanao there.

And of course, the strongest of them all. Maki Maki
Protecting Karakura Town:
1st Division Captain:
Yamamoto Genryuusai Shigekuni
1st Division Vice Captain:

2nd Division Captain:
Soi Fong
2nd Division Vice Captain:
Ohmaeda Marechiyo

7th Division Captain:
Komamura Sajin

8th Division Captain:
Kyouraku Shunsui

10th Division Captain:
Hitsugaya Toushiro
10th Division Vice Captain:
Matsumoto Rangiku

13th Division Captain:
Ukitake Juushiro

Former 2nd Divison Captain:
Shihouin Yoruichi
Former 12th Divison Captain
Urahara Kisuke

Stay at SS
3rd Division Vice Captain:
Kira Izuru

5th Division Vice Captain:
Hinamori Momo

8th Division Vice Captain:
Ise Nanao

7th Division Vice Captain:
Iba Tetsuzaemo

9th Division Vice Captain:
Hisagi Shuuhei

Trapped in HM

4th Division Captain:
Unohana Retsu
4th Division Vice Captain:
Kotetsu Isane

6th Division Captain:
Kuchiki Byakuya
6th Division Vice Captain:
Abarai Renji

11th Division Captain:
Zaraki Kenpachi
11th Division Vice Captain:
Kusajishi Yachiru

12th Division Captain:
Kurotsuchi Mayuri
12th Division Vice Captain:
Kurotsuchi Nemu

So total there was 13 Captains:

3 Defectors
4 Trap at HM
6 Waiting for Aizen to show up

Factors that may tip to SS side:
8 vaizards support SS
Urahara / Yoruichi and team
Ishinn / Ishida Dad
The Vice Captain hold the defence on SS

Factors that may tip Aizen to win:
8 Vaizards support Aizen cause
Vastrolord can handle 2 Captain at a go
Aizen in super bankai mode
Ichigo team and the 4 captain remain trap at HM without interrupt any fights
Aizen already assemble the remaining vastrolorde to replace the fallen espada.
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