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Who had better style?

Who had better style?

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Madara: Loud, destructive, in-your-face

Tobi: Subtle, mysterious, blink-and-you-miss-it



The Fastest Man Alive
I find Tobi to be better Kamui is such a good ability and it looks good as well

Madara is still very good though
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Man of Miracles
Obitos style is lazy

And is a writing style that I cannot fucking stand

"Hey lets give our main antagonist whos gonna be around for a LONG time a really haxxed and near invincible ability that we will never sufficiently explain!"

"That way, we can just pull out new subsets or rules of that ability to make him stronger or weaker as needed in the story!"

Aizen from Bleach works the same way

Madaras invincibility comes from just raw overpowering strength...Which is way easier to swallow than "ghost mode we know nothing about"

With Madara, its straightforward...What you see is what you get. he is styling on dudes for VERY obvious and in your face reasons...he doesnt have some made up BS power.

Ill take raw might over "ooooh spooky mystery skill that we know nothing about that makes the bad guy invincible" any day as a writer or a reader.

Both are kinda boring, but at least ones believable and doesnt feel made up as it goes along.


License to Fangirl
I never really liked either of them, but I do remember being a little annoyed about Tobi being so mysterious and sneaky. I don’t like Madara, but I respected his power, his cleverness, the danger he posed and his experience as a shinobi. With Madara, what you see is what you get, so he’s my pick. It all comes down to what type of villain you like. For me, Madara came across as more badass, I guess.


The Absolute God
The one who solo'd the entire world had a better fighting style.

The one who clowned the entire army using Taijutsu only had a better fighting style.

The one who embarrassed and destroyed the Five Kage had a better fighting style.

The one who achieved in 10 minutes what the Akatsuki failed to do in 20 years had a better fighting style.

The one who killed the main characters had a better fighting style.

This is not a serious question just by looking at this video:



Obito. Defeating him requires strategy and perfectly timed set ups to exploit his Kamui weakness. Fights like that are always more pleasing to read/watch than a nuke spam fest imo and that's what a fight wth Madara will largely turn into.


I would say madara's style is better/more enjoyable to watch in the short term for reasons worldsStrongest mentioned but obito's is better in the long term for reasons MarF mentioned.


The Absolute God
Obito. Defeating him requires strategy and perfectly timed set ups to exploit his Kamui weakness. Fights like that are always more pleasing to read/watch than a nuke spam fest imo and that's what a fight wth Madara will largely turn into.
The final fight with Obito is literally just a nuke spam fest though :confusedny Kishimoto even deprived him of Kamui.

At least the Madara final fight was not filled with Talk no jutsu and cringe flashbacks.

In fact I don't even know why you said that to defeat Obito strategy and traps were required, all Naruto had to do to defeat Obito was literally just talk to him :kobeha


The Absolute God
Most people say they did not like the fights in the later stage of war because everything is big explosion so it seems a favorable point for Obito style of fights.
Most people are dumb since they forget that big explosions were also in the Pain arc.

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Well-Known Member
but you've missed the best part, madara vs the shinobi alliance is a minato tier feat, seeing as he did do the 1 vs 1k thing first.
inb4 some madara fan says it was 1 vs 10k.
but Minato's is canon, and Madara's is filler.

but tbh, I find it funny that you, @Fused, and @Azula all posted the same filler scene about Madara.
if that's not telling, I don't know what does... :bookerskully


Well-Known Member
Obito during the Tobi era was amusing. Then he was turned into a look-at-how-badass he is with all that mystery. Look at him, I say! It was mostly tell not show. And a box full of mysteries that eventually felt meh because they did not matter. Oh, we revealed this but are you prepared for THAT? Madara had some hype from the start but it was mostly legends because he was you know, very much dead at that time. When he was brought back he immediately went into action and showed instead of the author telling us how powerful he is. For both characters I exclude the typical shonen hype that existed for every character in almost every fight, Madara wins this one for me.Tobito tried to hard to be mysterious while Madara just sprang into action and enjoyed it.

Final Fantasy

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe” XD
Definitely Tobi, he was genuinely funny, but than when he said he was Madara, his personality turned into a complete badass. I liked the dual nature of Tobi.

As for battle styles I would choose Madara.


Well-Known Member
Tobi was great before the mask was off and Madara was great before the slow decline after he dropped the meteor.
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