Who are these people? (spoilers for manga and filler anime eps)

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Kurumie Tsurashima

SetsuSara is canon ♥~
I wanna know who these characters are.

From fillers:
- Raiga. A lot of ppl been dissin him, but I don't even know who he is :zaru

Manga (I think):

Nii Yugito
3rd Kazekage

Hmm that oughta do for now :dupe
go back in the fillers and look 4 them
srry i don't remember much from the filler episodes...
Nii Yugito was the Jinchuuriki for the 2-tailed demon cat.

3rd Kazekage was...well, the 3rd Kazekage. Sasori killed him and made him into a puppet so he could gain use of the 3rd's Iron Sand technique.
Raiga: He's one of the seven swordsman of the mist (just like Kisame and Zabuza), he fights with two swords and carries around a kid.

Nii Yugito: See Senju's post. She's from the hidden village of cloud.
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Raiga is one of the seven swordsmen in the fillers, I believe. Not canon as far as I'm aware.

Yugito was a Jinchuuriki from the hidden cloud.

Third Kazekage is one of Sasori's puppets now, Sasori killed him years before when he left Sunagakure.
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Closing this thread, as the OP's questions have been fully answered. Will recycle later tonight after they've been given an opportunity to see those answers. X3
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