Which part of the story should the focus shift to now?

Where to?

  • The aftermath of Jiraiya's death

    Votes: 17 21.5%
  • The Hebi vs Kisame fight

    Votes: 15 19.0%
  • Konoha-Nin Vs Tobi

    Votes: 41 51.9%
  • Something else (specify)

    Votes: 6 7.6%

  • Total voters
From here, Kishi can switch to a few different events. We could see Konoha and the aftermath of Jiraiya's death, the Hebi vs Kisame fight, Konoha-Nin Vs Tobi or something entirely different.

Personally, I'd like to see the fights first before seeing the aftermath stuff take place so we have a real sense of closure. From here on, knowing Kishi, I would say that we're not gonna hear from Sasuke for a while.

The fight that I really wanna see is the Konoha-Nin one because Hebi just doesn't have enough purpose for me to care. However, Kishi can be quite queer and he might switch to something totally different like Zetsu bringing the info to Akatsuki.

Where do you think the story should go from here?
Uchiha Madara stomping Konoha and making them look like academy students should be great fun
Danzou plox, or people inside Konoha. I'm rather sick of Sharingan fapping now, so showing Madara will just reveal more sharingan abilities. I'd rather not.
I hope Kishimoto changes back to the Team Hebi and Team Konoha, but dear God I don't want anymore of Jiraiya or Pein.
I think chapter 394 could be a combination of the (supposed) news of Jiraiya and what has been going on between Tobi and the Leaf ninjas, then chapter 395+ could be the Kisame vs. Suigetsu fight.
Just show the beaten body of Kisame on the first couple of pages(So we will know he was killed off panel) then show Konoha getting balled on by Tobi.
I believe that the focus will shift to the fight between Kisame and Hebi and the fight between Konoha and Tobi. It doesn't really matter which, though I hopeit will be Tobi first.

I don't actually believe there will be any fights. Tobi and Kisame will both, somehow, recieve information of Itachi's death and will depart back to Akatsuki headquarters.

There will be a bit of exposition and sparring between Suigetsu and Kisame, and if Tobi has any connection with Obito I believe we will see it then. After which, the two groups will both continue on to find Sasuke. I am not sure what will happen to Hebi. They might have a confrontation with Konoha and leave, or they might join with them, wishing to stay with Sasuke and Konoha believing they could benefit by their information about Orochimaru.

After that they will go back to Konohagakure, with Sasuke. They will have a reunion, everyone will be happy, Sasuke will be emo about not actually killing Ichi, hopefully he will face some sort of consequence, Naruto will hear about Jiraiya's death, shit will happen, we will learn about J-Man's message, more shit will happen, some Danzou sub plot progression, even more shit happens, and from there, who knows.
kisame vs hebi

it should have kept going back and forth

also konoha teams vs "tobi"

and also frogs coming to tsunade/naruto

and also danzou/root vs tsunade/shizune finally
???? wtf are you talking about, the frogs arriving to naruto and tsunade or what

we saw the aftermath of jiriaya's death already

We haven't seen any bloody aftermath...

Naruto doesn't know the ero sennin is dead...

I want naruto to become a real ninja when hearing the news...

and, please... be less hostile in your posts...
I kinda want it to turn over to Kisame and Team Hebi, just so we can get that over and done with.

Then I want it to turn back to Team Konoha for the exiting stuff.
We haven't seen any bloody aftermath...

Naruto doesn't know the ero sennin is dead...

I want naruto to become a real ninja when hearing the news...

and, please... be less hostile in your posts...

naruto is already a real ninja, he was looking badass immediately after jiriaya's death before any frogs reached him

but yeah i am not sure if and how he'll find out. tsunade's reaction might be more interesting because naruto is so predictable
The Kisame fight is probably going to be a no-show, just a cut to Suigetsu and Kisame looking a bit beat up (Suigetsu considerably more so) and sensing that the Itachi Sasuke fight is over, or a bit of a jump back in time to when something huge and visible like Kirin or Susanoo was going down. After that it will probably jump back to Tobi and friends.
Konoha nin versus Tobi definitely. But I would like to see a conclusion to Jiraiya's death at the same time. Just want to see the reactions to it. But really, I can't wait for Tobi's fight.
I want to see it finish the Hebi Kisame issue first, then let Konoha vs. Tobi make a decent transition out of this current arc.
I'm kinda tired of all the fighting
i mean we had two big fights back too back
but damn at least kishi is upping his game for the final years cause the fights range from epic too great
so at most dedicate 4 chapters too both the hebi and konoha fights
then leave it with sasuke for now
i mean his story needs closure probably a small training arc that we wont see
and then leave off with the jiraiya after math
You mean right now? or after this arc is over?.

We are gonna see how both fights ended of course. Madara i think being the main focus, but they will show at least "something" of kisame vs suigetsu.

The next arc is probably gonna be related to root betraying konoha, and then all hell will break loose.
Here's what I think:

First we'll get to see some Tobi vs Team Konoha action, with a few possible endings, like tobi wtfpwning them all or retreating to get so Sasuke or something like that

Then we'll see parts of the Suigetsu vs. Kisame fight (yes, Juugo and Karin will keep their hands out of their fight)
Maybe Sasuke will come back and end the battle.

Then everything will kind of sum up and we'll get back to konoha, where our heroes learn of Jiraiya's death.
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