Which character looks the strongest?


Which character you can't picture losing in a one on one fight?

1) Minato?
2) Madara?
3) Itachi?
4) Pein?
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Minato or Pain. Creepy eyes and piercings and half a dozen bodies, or the common, blonde super-hero with the cape that screams honor and formidability?
Uchiha Madara. He's outnumbered 8 against 1 right now and laughing and I believe nobody alive can take him on 1 on 1.

Naruto & Sasuke will take him down together.

I can't picture him losing 1 on 1 against anyone.
How can Pain even be an option, when it's 6 against 1?

First Madara, then a tie between Minato and Itachi.
At the moment it would be Pein. Though by "one on one" do you mean without the use of the Pein Rikudō? If so then my vote would change to Minato Namikaze.
By far, Itachi. Then Madara.

I know Madara is stronger, but he just hasn't been hyped quite as much as Itachi. Itachi has this...feel about him. This force of prescence that makes one want to slap all the 'tards who think Jiraiya stands two shits of a chance against him. We've seen him on the losing end against Sasuke several times, but only due to very specific circumstances, which were obviously tacked on by Kishimoto so that Sasuke would actually put up a close fight. Even now, Sasuke's left exhausted and Orochimaru came out, attacking as a separate entity, thus making the match no longer one-on-one. So even if Itachi still ends up losing, he at least has the honor of having beaten a Sannin and nearly beating someone who was also around that Sannin's level in one fight.

Itachi is just not the kind of person that any one ninja can beat. Even Sasuke, with his grandiose PnJ, is currently helpless. Oro lasted three pages, yet again. Itachi is just so much hax, it borders on the impossible.
Pein could be defeated in a 1 on 1 battle :zaru Jiraiya did
the problem is, there were 5 more! So Pein doesn't count

Hmm, Itachi seems to have a fair amount of trouble with Sasuke, just pulled out his trump card and it's still not over :noworry though Oro showed up, he did absolutely nothing

as for Minato, i would like for you to see my sig, which features a quote from Sin :noworry

Madara is my choice here, he might have been stopped by Shodai, but that could be a lie for all we know :LOS
Pein, it seems he has a face expression, has if he already knows the outcome of the incoming battle.
Itachi then Madara.

One on one, With no plot no jutsu, you gotta admit Itachi would woop anyone's ass.

"LOOKS" the strongest would be, from that list, Pein.
Looks...as in appearance?

If that's what we're talking about, I can't believe some of you said the Yondaime. He looks like a compassionate, baby-faced Shinobi. Doesn't look like he'd hurt a fly.

1. Pein
2. Madara
3. Itachi
4. Yondaime

Now are you actually talking about how indestructible they are? At this point in time...

1. Madara
2. Pein/Itachi
4. Yondaime
When reading the topic title...I thought you meant which character physically looks the strongest(even if they aren't the strongest, just which one looks that way). And in that case I'd say Kisame because he's a big guy with a lot of muscles and a huge sword that a lot of people probably couldn't even lift.

Anyway though, after seeing more what the post was about...I'd say Pein. lol.
How can Pain even be an option, when it's 6 against 1?

I agree. XD

As much as I hate him, probably Sasuke. He's been in several fights so far in Shippuuden, and not once has he taken a direct hit (at least not to my recollection). Every injury so far, he's either caused himself (chidori in the Deidara fight), was a result from exhaustion, or received while dodging most of an attack. Even against Itachi he's been largely untouchable. :facepalm
1. Minato
2. Pain
3. Madara
4. Itachi

Pain seems like he is stronger than Madara since it was said he is undefeated and his fight against Jiraiya was impressive. Also the fact that we know Madara has already lost to the first hokage along with getting his plans spoiled by Minato later.
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