Which character looks the best?


Which character looks the best and strongest?

1) Minato?
2) Madara?
3) Itachi?
4) Pein?
5) Sasuke?
6) Zetsu
7) Hanzou
8) Jirariya?
this thread kinda sucks. no poll, no concrete question. I'll interprit it my own way then :LOS

Sasuke is the best looking :wtf (yeah you meant not this right :hehee) and Minato is the strongest :nuts
minato looks the coolest... naruto and sasuke look ugly when they powerup
i like the new gaara look as well. Since he's loved by his village he doesnt look like hes mad at the world anymore.
hmmm :headscrat

I'd have to say Sasuke, Minato, and Itachi-nisan obviously :Itachi

:wtf I guess I have a thing for Uchiha's :amuse
1) Minato
2) Jirariya
3) Madara
4) Itachi
5) Sasuke
6) Naruto
7) Kakashi
8) Pein
10) Prime Sarutobi

Naruto Needs to grow his hair like Minato and he will shoot up on my list
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Strongest?: Minato

Character Design?: Sasuke (followed very close by Former Madara in his armor)
Which character looks the strongest? Younger Madara with the long hair and armor. Which looks cooler? Tie between the Uchiha. Sasuke with his pirate outfit, Itachi with his Akatsuki robe and Uchiha throne, and Madara with his armor and fan.
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