Which Character Do You Dislike, Yet Find Very Attractive? [SPOILER]

Which Character Do You Dislike, Yet Find Very Attractive? [SPOILER]

  • Sasuke

    Votes: 31 29.5%
  • Sakura

    Votes: 3 2.9%
  • Naruto

    Votes: 3 2.9%
  • Hinata

    Votes: 3 2.9%
  • Itachi

    Votes: 16 15.2%
  • Ino

    Votes: 19 18.1%
  • Sai

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • Tenten

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Gaara

    Votes: 2 1.9%
  • Temari

    Votes: 1 1.0%
  • Hidan

    Votes: 5 4.8%
  • Tsunade

    Votes: 2 1.9%
  • Deidara

    Votes: 4 3.8%
  • Karin

    Votes: 6 5.7%
  • Suigetsu

    Votes: 2 1.9%
  • Anko

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Sasori

    Votes: 7 6.7%

  • Total voters


Which Character Do You Dislike, Yet Find Very Attractive? It has to be a charcater that you "Dislike" not only just who you find attractive.

Poll Contains Spoilers.
I chose Hidan, although I don't haaaate him. I'm just bitter because he killed Asuma. Yet, he does have those charming features...
I just voted Suigetsu to see the results.smile-big I don't dislike Suigetsu, but I don't love him or anything and I do think he's good-looking so....

But my choice wasn't on here. I have sort of thought that Shikamaru is physically attractive but I don't like him as a person anymore.
It used to be Itachi, but in the end I was won over. :LOS

I can admit that Ino's pretty, but I don't like her.
Out of all the characters I dislike?

... The Fourth Kazekage...

Call me crazy, but I find both Sasuke and Orochimaru extremely unattractive... I know a lot of people feel that way about Orochimaru, but not Sasuke...

But I voted for Suigetsu.
I put Karin, cuz she's a noisy b!tch,
but Itachi is a cruel-hearted (or so it would seem) evildoer, and pulls of the dark sexy look X3, so i meant to put Itachi. Oh Well.
Call me crazy, but I find both Orochimaru and Sasuke extremely unattractive.

I understand Orochimaru, but Sasuke? Are you out of your mind, women?

Anyway, I hate Itachi but I feel an uncontrollable attraction to him. Damn you hormones!! :shakefist
Sasuke's character is SO unattractive to me, I can't see anything hot in him even though he's a bishie and should be "hot" by default. Well, not true for everyone but I usually find bishies attractive. Not to mention his hair and all his clothes are crimes against fashion. And CS2? lol. Transexual from the black lagoon.
CS2 on or off, I'd rather bang Zetsu.

A character I don't like too much but find attractive would be Ino.
Eh, I can't vote. I generally like the personality of characters that or hot - even if they're OK looking, a bad personality makes them ugly.
He slaughtered his clan.
Abandoned his brother.
Almost killed Kakashi.
And is another Emofag.

But he is as hott as all hell. :LOS

-Murdered his clan for a really stupid reason.
-Annoying as hell with his fake "lulz i r quiet k" personality.
-Way too arrogant for his own good.

But he is hot... albeit the younger brother is hotter and better. :LOS
Tsunade, I quite dislike her, she's a bimbo..but I do find her attractive.

Itachi : Looks like I'm winning the vote so far...

It's not the voting about character you like but you dislike. Read again the title.

Which Character Do You Dislike, Yet Find Very Attractive?
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