When does Luffy first use Gear?


Well im at about episode 215 and i was wondering when does luffy use gear powers for the first time?
ine the Mecha movie which I would assume is a filler.

which leads me to ask is Oda gonna show some new skill used with Haki in the upcoming movie?.


Wait what i don't get is that i just finished episode 272 and when luffy started to steam he said gear second but where is the first?


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Well first gear is just normal Luffy, so it isn't mentioned, only gear second and gear third are. Hmm come to think of it does Luffy have a gear neutral and a gear reverse? Lolol.


He accidently used it in movie seven for the first time. But he actually uses it intentionally in around episode 270 when he fights Blueno. (First one of the CP9 to go down)


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What everyone else said.

Also you always hear the term "time to step it into 2nd"

That means, you were already on first (base gear).
Canon is against cp9 Blueno episode 272 or 273 in anime

Non canon is in movie 7 where he unintentionally activates gear 2nd when when fighting a giant robot
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