What's So Bad About Seafood?


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People keep hating on seafood, they're like, "Ugh, fish!" or, "I could NEVER eat octopus!".
People just don't realize how delicious this stuff is. I can understand if you're allergic, but if not, you have no excuse. The sea is a bountiful buffet for everyone to enjoy.
Cry all you want about "mercury this" and mercury that", but I probably get more mercury exposure from the fillings in my teeth than the shrimp I ate yesterday.
Anyway, fish is good and good for you.

God damn, I made shrimp on Friday and Saturday, actually. It was delicious, if I do say so myself.

Salmon is my favorite, though. Mmm.
wtf??? Seafood sadilishious!! Spicy coconut Mussels, Oysters, Lobsters, Apple smoked Shrimps, Sashimi, Calamari, Clam choweder wtf I could go on the whole day :drool..
I would eat anything but an octopus!
I don't even think it tastes good, does it? XD
People eat cockroaches and worms in Tailand, Philippine and other countries (and I thought that was wierd), but I never heard about eating an octopus alive, that's too sick and carzy!

Damn asians you eat anything, don't you? :arg
Eh, like salmon and other assorted fish. I figure I'm gonna die anyway so I might as well enjoy the enjoyable aspects of life, which includes well-prepared salmon, regardless of mercury content. Clams and mussels are good on occasion. Shrimp too when it itsn't staring at you in that sadly lifeless way. (I like headless shrimp...)

Though I do have a horror story about Toledo, Spain. Ordered some sort of seafood paella dish and that was pretty much hell. Broken bits of crab claws, smashed shells (actual shells, not the meat), and shrimp heads littered through out the whole rice mix. There was also something with tentacles but it literally kept twitching on some people's plates...
it depends on what the sea food is. I'm not a great fan of fish, but I admit there i some fish and seafood I just love. I didn't like swordfish much though
my favorite seafood is shrimp but i also like crab and lobster

i tried octopus at a friend's wedding, it was pretty good
i LOVE seafood :iria
my ex's mom could really cook up some good-ass seafood :zaru

it really pisses me off when people say "eww, you eat sushi!?"

yea, friend i eat sushi! :yell
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