What would have Sarutobi said to Jiraiya?

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If Jiraiya had actually gone to the Sandaime by his own accord back in the Chuunin exam. Sarutobi really wanted to talk to him, my guess is to proclaim Jiraiya his sucessor if anything should happen to him in the obviously-impending battle.

Please right your thoughts in play format, dialouge, thank you.

Respond kurinasai.
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The 3rd:- Jiraiya your back? :amuse

Jiraiya:- Only to advertise my book. :amuse

3rd:- Is it Make out paradise? :jk

Jiraiya:- No you perv. :notrust

3rd:- Your a perv aswell. :hehee

Jiraiya:- I am a researcher. :noworry
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