What will happen to Kotsuka sword and Yama mirror


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now Itachi is dead so what will happen to Kosutka sword ang Yama mirron.
Will we see them again?
Depends if they were unique only to Itachi's Susanoo technique. If not, it might be see again if Madara uses his EMS or when Sasuke gains the MS and uses that technique himself. But realistically, a technique that broken will probably never be seen again in the manga ever. It'll probably be replaced by the Madara's EMS technique.
The only way we'll be seeing them again is if Sasuke gets the EMS, which I'm not so sure of. The Mangekyou have different designs and seemingly different jutsu depending on the person, so the only way we'll see it again if that's the case is if Sasuke gets Itachi's eyes for EMS.
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