what type of dreams do you have?


Celestial Being
I have very vivid dreams where I go on adventures, solve math problems etc.
While I do have an occasional nightmare,most of my dreams are pleasant and so real that I am sometimes disappointed when I wake up. what types of dreams do you have?
*thinks* Umm...weird dreams. I have very weird dreams that generally involve something I did earlier that day. I don't think I've had a nightmare in years now...
I have slice-of-life kind of dreams.
Putting on eyeliner, walking to school, stuff that don't really mean anything but leave you smiling when you wake up.
Pretty much anything really, I like the lucid dreams best when you can sort of control your movements in a dream, they are rare though. I think today I had a dream about artwork on my Deviantart account LOL for some reason.
Most of my dreams don't make any sense, though some are pretty vivid and accurate.

Usually I forget in the morning though.
Weird out of the blue dreams that have a hint of someone I know or an event that has occured in my life.
My dreams usually involve struggle, where I'm trying to accomplish something and I can do it(watever it may be). But I'm not able to master it, of even become proficient in it before the next dream starts.
Me beating off to a girl beating off to a guy beating off to the same girl beating off to him:zaru

Usually ones that involve something I experienced before, either from a normal day or even from within games. For some reason the ones that take elements from video games or some other kind of media always seem more realistic. Unfortunately those tend to be things with zombies and such. I don't like dreams usually. Always so confusing and dangerous. D:
Usually, everything seems dark or the place is filled with that weird blue light. My dreams don't really make much sense a lot of the time, just random snippets of some story that are strung together. When I wake up, I usually think to myself that a lot of parts of it didn't make any sense.

I once had a dream that my sister and I were standing outside this green doorway and everything was dark inside.

The next week, we went to the zoo and I saw that exact same doorway. I was so weirded out. :oh
i have weird ass dreams. like sometimes i'll dream about being online. or anime. of course the random sex dreams. runnin and never gettin anywhere
It depends, I guess. Usually bizarre-as-hell type ones.
They say you dream about what you think of last before you go to sleep.
In that case, I must be thinking very strange things.
things about life
I'm have more dreams about a girl, so far 5 dreams about her......
sometimes about the sea.
fighting people.
and sad stories of people lives
The content of My dreams play up in the future i find that weird its like hey! That happened in my dream and nowits real, so i dream about real life i guess
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