What should I do with this?


The author gave me permission to use the picture below as a theme for an Akatsuki drawing I'll be doing. I'm going to mirror the character positions, though differ them enough to be distinguishable, but will use a different background and, of course, akatsuki characters.

So heres what i need help with- desiding which Akatsuki members to use and where, how to include the extras, and how I should change some stances to be more original.

Heres what I was thinking:

Sasori: Where venom is, giving a grin and holding his arm similarly as if he were controlling a puppet.
Kisame: Kinda where Bullseye is, kinda leaning back onto his sword.
Kakuzu: Kinda where Penance is, holding dollar bills between his fingers.
Konan: Where songbird is, but instead looking more relaxed.
Hidan: Standing behind Kisame doing a 'come here' finger movement.
Deidara: Where Radioactive man is stanced, holding clay birds in each hand with an explosion behind him.
Tobi: Next to Kakuzu, holding a finger in the air.
Zetsu: Coming out of the ground somewhere.
Pein: Stanidng on the right side of the portait.
Itachi: Standing behind Kisame (Bullseye), With a hand hanging out of his robe zipper (as usual), but with his 'slap-ass crazy' hanging mouth.

Any more suggestions would be great!
The way I see it, Pain would be the one all the way in the back, Konan would be where the chick is, and I think Tobi would be where Penance is. Those are the only suggestions I've got, sorry I couldn't be more of a help.
drawing characters with backrounds are one of the hardest things to do but it will fun if you had the image in head. it also depends on the who ask you to draw it.well in opinion i think you should put pain way at the back of all characters while in the front you should draw the most comman akatsuki character in the manga. doing it with your own imagination is a lot easier
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