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What Schrift would you like in real life


King of Nothing
Aside from the obvious degenerate shit You can do with it, The Love can easily be used to secure an easy life and even rule the world.

Hey Bezos feel My looooooove, done, now You live under the permanent benefaction of a Billionaire.

Hey, Putin, feel my looooooove, done, now how about stopping that shitty war 'kay?

"O-of course, anything for you!"

Bang war stopped.

Hey Xi, Biden! feel My looooove, done, now how about we all dismante our nukes together 'kay? Do it for me darlings ;)

A better tomorrow secured and it's all thanks to Loooove!


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Unless you make all the nuclear armed world leaders drop the nukes, you’re not really helping.

Mind you, I do wonder how many people you could effectively alter the personality of before someone notices

Commander Shunsui

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You agreed that it's "him," it's not. GiGi is a trans character and identifies as a female, so it would be "her."
So a disagreement(a very small one to me personally, you do these ratings quite often btw) is warrant enough to lose your respect?

Didn't know people couldn't disagree with things anymore.

Adamant soul

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People are actually arguing about the preferred pronoun of a fictional, psychopathic, homicidal, Nazi who turns people into zombies...again. :kobeha

Quite frankly couldn't care less what you want to call him, but I would remind everyone that Kubo himself refers to the character as MALE so. :mlpshrug

Call Giselle him/her whatever you want but either one is completely valid (albeit for different reasons) and people are entitled to use whichever they prefer.

Adamant soul

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Like this right here is really stupid to say, that is the definition of being transgender.
Pointing out that the author confirmed the character's biological gender is not stupid.

The author who MADE the character is comfortable calling him male (regardless of what the character currently identifies as) so other people are not wrong when they do the same. Nor are you wrong to say he's female. What IS wrong is trying to force people into only one side when both are accurate descriptions.
But you're a fucking idiot on average, so it's not new ground.
Says the literal manchild whose starting an argument and throwing insults at people over what gender a FICTIONAL character identifies as. Never mind a fictional character who also happens to be a psychotic nazi who turns people into ZOMBIES. :maybe

I don't know how hard you have to hit your head to start thinking you come out of this looking like anything other than pathetic.
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The Zombie is a pretty dope power but man Giselle. He just made it too disturbing for me to want that.

The Love, The Almighty, and The Yourself are probably the best powers to have for an every day life

lol 4th dimension reiatsu

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GiGi described their own arousal as "getting wet" and is in a clique of all girls, never having been referred to as male.

I think is more of a fetish for him based on his interactions whit Bambietta and Yumichika, is never referred as male because only Ayasegawa noticed.

You appear to have no fucking clue what being trans means.

She wants to be called her. The whole fucking point.

That's irrelevant to his sex, the author says male and is implied he is just a weirdo dressing as a woman for some narcissistic and sexual trigger.

You can call her a she if you want tho.


Quantum Entity
Bruh Fuck the character we talking about powers here. the characters in question means fuck all when we are talking about the powers themselves.

Jesus christ man


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The Zombie is a fun power since outside of being able to turn people into zombies, Gigi could manipulate the dead flesh too. Like how Gigi healed Candice arm.

I wonder if you could use it to create meat abominations like Necromorphs with it


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The Antithesis. If I wreck my car, I can switch the damage to another car passing by. The Visionary is way too easy, od, you'd fuck yourself over instantly.

Lord Stark

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The Yourself probably the Royd edition. Being able to instantly gain the memories/ copy the appearance of anyone would be pretty useful. Aside from that...The Love :hisoka


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If you could get an entirely remote job, I can see using Yourself to acquire knowledge in memories you normally would not know to boost your skills.

Imagine turning into Kubo for a Fanverse debate. Finally find out what he keeps hidden.


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I know that the orignila debate was from last month but why for the second day in a row do i see real life politics in my bleach debate section :facepalm
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