.:What kind of movies suits you best?:.

Tough choice, because I tend to like most most movies, as long as they are interesting and well-made. Well, I'm not that much into horror, but a good comedy, a drama, or maybe even action, can be nice to watch . . . :amuse
Frat Pack movies (Comedy).

Teen comedies, romantic comedies, and adventure fantasy movies.

From time to time I also like action/thriller/drama stuff. But mostly my movies are partial comedy at the least (action/comedy, romantic/comedy, adventure/comedy, comedy)

I like laughing.
anything with extreme violence, naked wyte wimmenz, gangsters shooting it out, innappropiate adult humor, and shocking twists
I like blockbuster films, honestly speaking. E.g. LoTR, Spidermen, 300, Transformers etc... I appreciate international films, historical based plots, and some bit of war films too.

Simply do not like: horror, psycho thriller, gore, sappy romance, NC16 no-brains comedies and so on.
Comedy is good :amuse

But, I do not like watching movies :oh

Only anime or live-action movies that are from things I have watched before. Oh and paradies are cool too :amuse
I watch anything my sister watches, wich ranges from horror romantic action anything, i have alot of taste for many movies, i hate cowboy ones tough argh.
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