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What is your THE most favorite dish?


Chief of Wisdom
What dish is your personal favorite?
It could be for breakfast food or lunch food or dinner food. The dish just has to be your favorite one.
Do post an image of it.

Mine is Varan Chakolya. It is a vegetarian dish and can be made in a lot of ways depending upon your preference.



Well-Known Member
My Mom's Bengali Tenga (made with Tomatoes and Mango) Curry with Chicken.

Sadly I don't ask her to make it too often because I will eat it all up in one meal and ruin my daily caloric target (even when bulking)


still newbie
it prolly rendang

reason it is beef (luxurious) and still relatively cheap here. $1 get you rice with those and its accesories (vegetable and stuff)

but imo i can eat rice with this my favorite small fish (10-15cm) every day for the rest of my life

you can do alot with this badboys
simply fry it, burn/roast, make chilied fish

or this

so yeah if i have to give up all dish/meat/chicken/eggs/fish but one thing. i want to keep rice and this fish.

you know what this fish is darn cheap too. 50 cent can get you 3 fishes


still newbie
My Mom's Bengali Tenga (made with Tomatoes and Mango) Curry with Chicken.

Sadly I don't ask her to make it too often because I will eat it all up in one meal and ruin my daily caloric target (even when bulking)
i look it up, looks like my fish can get into that curry. ill try it out, maybe one day because wife and kids arent into sour cuisine.
i don't really have one, probably some kind of japanese fusion cuisine is my absolute favorite, but it's not something i have regularly because it's expensive and i don't even live near a good japanese restaurant anymore :becel


Well-Known Member
probably basic rice and chicken in chicken fondue. compared to other basic foods it just hits much more than say cheap spaghetti bolognese imo.

Delta Shell

Well-Known Member
When I was little we'd go to my Auntie's house in Yorkshire.

She had a dish/big bowl that was a piece of Bravestarr merchandising. Very weird but I always insisted eating out of the Bravestarr dish.



Definitely not a villain.
I love a good cottage pie. Beef mince, mash, peast, thin sliced carrot and peppers, just a drizzle of tomato. A frankly inadvisable amount of gravy. Best served with a distinct lack of cottage cheese.
There's no better meal after coming in from the rain on a cold evening.


Active Member
It doesn't exist for me, but the closet thing would be anything with sardines. Even a simple offer of toast and sardines is often enough to ruin any dietary plans I might have made.

What makes this odd to myself, is that I don't even really like fish in general and tend to avoid picking them for meals if I can help it. But I can't help being obsessed with sardines...


There is too much out there that I like tbh.

Pizza, Tacos, loaded nachos, Hamburgers, Orange chicken with vegetables and rice, eggplant parmesan, chicken parmesan, chicken cordon blue, shrimp scampi, teriyaki chicken with vegetables and rice, chili cheese hot dogs, vegetable stir fry, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, etc.

I can't narrow it down. :catsad


ANBU- Sadist
I would probably have to choose cheese and cracker plate. Sampling all sorts of cheese and pairing it with different crackers, fruits and wines :druul


Wise Guy
> Steamed fish
> Braised pork belly
> Padang food and other coconut milk based dishes
> All kinds of nodles & rice
> Smoked (or roasted/grilled) animals
> Sauteed veggies
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