What if...


Aizen decides to stop by SS and say hello to his friends before going to raze the town.
No one is there right now, SS is defenseless...

Yammamoto's plan is a fucking gamble
Either Aizen wants to make a soul key and become King or he destorys SS. Yeah but Aizen already said his true goal is to become SS's king.
If Aizen does send someone to attack SS too it will be hilarious. It will be sad for the captains for them to come back to SS and see everything destroyed. :lmao
It would be awesome to see a portal opening to SS and we see old man espada

old man: is that a shinigami colony, with lots of people and shinigami?
*gran ray cero*
old man: not anymore! :awesome
Wonderweiss's true purpose is to make a laughinstock of Soul Society.

I love it. :laugh
While the captains are in the living realm, Wonderweiss leads a pack of menos into Soul Society to, from his perspective, collect butterflies. Aizen could have seen his odd behavior and thought that it'd be a good way to break communcations, once Wonderweiss comes back with a mouth full of hell butterflies.

Everyone in his path dying is just a bonus. :LOS
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