What I would like to see in 315

Lipid Sama

Candy Hunter
First Frame, I would like to see all the captains in ruin and Aizen standing over them(:p). Im not being comical or cynical Im just saying in order to save this arc they need to quit with all this filler fodder battle crap. Or at least Show Aizen face to face with all the captains and Stark is like "Aizen Sama, Go on ahead, I'll catch up in a second when I am done" than Aizen leaves 6 frames later Stark appears behind him. :harley
Unless they cut it short, and each captain gets 4 weeks worth of fighting material in, we are gonna be here till Christmas again and no relevant plot information is gonna be handed out.
we still do not even know what is going on, is aizen lying to the intruders or what will happen

which bad guys are even gonna be fighting

which good guys are even gonna be fighting etc etc
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