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What Happens: Rasengan Variations


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How would Asuma wind blades react to the variations of Rasengan

R1: Standard Rasengan Size

R2: Vermillion Rasengan

R3: Fuuton: Rasengan

R4: Gust Rasengan

R5: Vanishing Rasengan: Lightning release

R6: Tailed Beast Rasengan

R7: Sage Art: Magnetic Release Rasengan

R8: Rasenshuriken

R9: Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken

Asuma: Wind Chakra Blades use of Hien and chakra blade: Straight line

Kakashi: Raikiri

Itachi: Ametarasu

Sasuke: Kirin

Kisame: Water Shark Bomb Jutsu

Six Paths Obito: Truth Seeking Orb 1 use only

Those are the names for now

How would each variations of the rasengan react to these jutsus

Will there be expiremental stuff because the diffrent properties these jutsus are made of or no
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