What do other people hate about you?

I'm a manipulative asshole who, if I already haven't expressed arrogance and distaste for you, probably talks about you when you aren't around, and laughs at your personality even when I smile in your face.

I'm warm when I encounter you, but still, a constructed distance can be felt soon after we meet. I have no true desire to leave any vulnerabilities open, yet I'm willing to exploit the weaknesses of others when necessary. That, along with the fact that I often use people solely for the purpose of getting what I want, and you can see why I can become hated easily.
People hate me because I'm cold and distant, even to almost every member of my own family. I'm also fairly blunt and argumentative.
I'm too blunt, some would say tactless. I didn't grow up with the same social skills as others, so I'm not always acting appropriately in certain situations. I worry too much, and I take criticism personally.

I also have that whole "Being the only sane person in an insane world makes you insane" thing going on, because my pragmatic political and societal views tend to piss people off. Mostly because they know I'm right.
I don't know:sag
Because I can't count all of those things that they hate about me cause there's too many:lmao
Actually, Im a nobody right now, but who cares:zaru
I have no clue what other people hate about me. I guess I shouldn't worry about it either.
They hate me because they just can't handle all this FIERCENESS.

&& Anyone that hates on me are either trannies or hot-messes since they envy me so much. :edu
Let me count the ways.... :zaru
In person, not talking, at all. Sometimes I pretend I don't hear people when they say something to me just because I don't feel like saying anything in return. As for online, probably some sort of know-it-all attitude that crops up from time to time. xD
You also don't rep back. :vegetant


People hate me because I'm cold and distant, even to almost every member of my own family. I'm also fairly blunt and argumentative.

Psh, they just don't know how to thaw that ice. :pajamas
I'm either too quiet or too full of energy for people, I'm never good enough for them.

I'm a little paranoid so I feel that people hate everything about me.
I think people don't like me because, as immature and unrealistic as it sounds, they hate how I'm "different".

Well today I wore a reaaaally cool skirt that I made (neon orange with a white strip on the side and blue faux trim) with orange fishnets and a boring white shirt with a tie to...*ahem* tie it all together. You know, the norm. :p
Well apparently, people were like, "Ehhhhmahgaaawd, haha look what she's wearing."
I'm obviously deeply offended that these ugly dogs feel like I'm stylin' on them. :sag

Well that's just one of the ways, I think.
i lack self-confidence and i'm too negative and i don't try hard enough.

:zaru according to my mother.
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