What do other people hate about you?


Old Man
See Title.

People hate me for being quiet and better than them at the same time. And sometimes because I'm "too nice", whatever the fuck that means.
That I Awnser this Question, is one =P

and that I'm SO FREAKIN' NORMALE, its so normale that you're going Crazy about it =D
In person, not talking, at all. Sometimes I pretend I don't hear people when they say something to me just because I don't feel like saying anything in return. As for online, probably some sort of know-it-all attitude that crops up from time to time. xD
I don't like small chat, and people get annoyed because they think I am holding myself aloof by not engaging them in their meaningless chatter. I feel dumb when making small talk.
Apparently I can be, at times, 'over-baring', and people say they hate talking to me early morning, because I'm 'too happy at (various) o' clock'.
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