What about the Chibis?


I know a lot of people on this forum are NaruSasu fans. I would like the pairing too... except for one problem that I just can't get my head around.

What about CHIBIS!! :wtf!?!

How would two biological males, have adorable little chibis that the world can't live without?

Do NaruSasu fans not like chibis? :omg That can't be!!! Who doesn't like chibis!?!?!
I must be a big dummy so please dont beat me up but, what's a chibi? I'm sure I'd like it if I knew what it was!

In Japanese, chibi is used to describe a short person or child. It may also connote a derogatory meaning when addressing a minor. It is comparable to the English terms runt, dwarf, or shrimp.

I think the original poster is refuring to babies^^
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