Weakest character that can solo a team of Zoro, Law, Katakuri, Jinbe, and Marco


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No one can solo. I have Zoro+law > than Kidd+law, who pushed an all out BM, who despite her flaws, was easily one of the strongest person in the verse.

bonus: prolly any admiral+yonko combination can win. Yonko+Yonko is to much for these guys.


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Yeah, no one. Don't even think Kat & Jinbe are needed.

The combo of Zoros offense, Marcos defence and Laws support/utility is extremely hard to handle.

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We had an entire color spread dedicated to right-hand men. Pretty much every pirate crew throughout the manga has a first-mate underneath the captain. It’s an official title just like helmsan, navigator, doctor etc.
That color spread was about the No. 2 strongest members of each crew, not everyone on there is a Vice captain/first mate.
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Ignore the 2 weakest Katakuri and Jinbei.

A team of Zoro, Law, and Marco beat even Roger.
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