Was Stannis the Mannis?


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Don't know who that is (if it's House of the Dragon, I haven't seen it) nor why anyone sane would hate someone for not wanting to marry her kid off to a bastard. Seems pretty reasonable unless people really like this particular bastard or something. :mlpshrug


makes perfect sense for someone highborn in Westeros to not want their child to marry a bastard

HoD fans just don’t understand how the GoT universe works

A Optimistic

Just to be clear here, I meant this in the context of the Game of Thrones universe and the character being a noble of some description (I'm assuming). It's fucked up but reasonable given the circumstances and not worth hating a character over on its own.

Obviously in real life it would be abhorrent (unless the bastard was an i*c*st baby in which case, no).

yeah she’s a noble.

she was actually the queen and she only had one daughter. Makes perfect sense to not want to marry her off to a bastard


Any theories on what his fate would have ultimately ended up being in the books?

I used to have a whole head canon a few years back. It’s probably in my notes somewhere. I’ve legitimately given up on the last two books ever releasing,


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He is BORING. His sense of justice is warped. He has no hobbies or interesting flaws, his family is bland, and he's unpopular with pretty much every character outside of Davos and Melisandre.
Woah. You can just really type out anything on the Internet, huh.


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It will probably come out in 2026, to celebrate the series' 30th anniversary.
I'm hoping he's writing both books at once, and can wrap up the seventh book by then. Finish it all up by its 30th anniversary.


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if this mf couldn't finish winds during covid while locked inside and nothing to do he ain't gonna finish it ever.
Nah, unless his health will suddenly go bad, Martin will finish the Winds. He stated the covid lockdown was his best year in terms of writing it.

You can also see the change in how he talks about the book in interviews / posts. Before he was pretty much avoiding the subject and not giving away any concrete numbers about the progress. But now he is way more confident about it, gives actual numerical updates on the progress, how the book will be constructed, what we can expect from it etc.
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